7 Proven Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Marketing in 2021

February 2, 2021 | Author: Ashley Brown

Online commerce flourished extraordinarily in 2020. The pandemic and its grip on the world made most of us avid online shoppers. And that also enabled an overwhelming number of merchants to swarm the digital commerce space. As a result, eCommerce is more competitive than ever. As you may already know, eCommerce marketing is the most effective tool when it comes to dealing with such competitions.

But, to make your marketing campaigns effective, you need a comprehensive strategy. Be it choosing the right Magento eCommerce development vendor or creating enticing content, your eCommerce operations need cunningness. And that’s where this blog post intends to help you.

How to improve your eCommerce marketing 

eCommerce Marketing in 2021

Whether you run a Magento store or any other eCommerce platform, you cannot get the desired sales without the right marketing. Here’s how tried-and-tested marketing strategies could significantly boost your conversion rates.

  1. Create unique and personalized content 

Content is the most crucial element in terms of your online store’s visibility. It’s also central to customers’ shopping experiences. That’s why you need to be meticulous about content. With enticing and personalized content, you can make visitors stay on the site longer. Services like Magento website management enables you to create content in ways that attract prospective buyers.

For instance, the Magento Commerce platform offers a Page Builder to create content. It enables you to create content and tags quickly and seamlessly for different kinds of prospective buyers. Merchants can create, edit, and publish content pages without any coding. The Page Builder has functionalities like content reuse, drag-and-drop, and templates, among others.

  1. Provide customer-based recommendations

Product recommendations might make many shoppers keep coming back to your online store. Research indicates an overwhelming majority of online shoppers look at the brand’s product recommendations at least sometimes. You could consider the example of Amazon.com. It offers deeply customized recommendations based on your purchase and search history.

You, too, could build a Magento marketplace with recommendation features similar to sites like Amazon. According to an analysis by Adobe, product recommendations account for roughly 31% of eCommerce revenue. With Magento Commerce, you can easily automate product recommendations.

  1. Streamline marketing across channels

Your eCommerce marketing needs to cover all aspects of digital commerce. From email marketing to PPC and social media, everything plays a crucial role in increasing traffic and conversion. Amid this overwhelming competition, an increasing number of businesses are adopting an omnichannel approach. It makes cross-platform marketing painless and more effective.

  1. Build separate sites for different brands 

Building multiple sites is particularly useful if you sell a diverse range of products. Even if you started with a limited range of offerings, your catalog would expand with time. And that’s when you need separate sites for different products. Some of your products might even become prominent brands on their own. In such scenarios, having a dedicated online store pays off incredibly.

  1. Ensure fully immersive shopping experiences  

Your marketing should focus on the fact that eCommerce marketing is a two-way path. You need to continually heed customers’ needs and demands and update strategies accordingly. Consumers’ shopping and customer support experiences determine a significant part of your site’s overall experience. If you choose services like Magento eCommerce development, UX management becomes incredibly seamless.

For example, with Magento, you can incorporate features like live chat. It enables you to promptly address customers’ needs and answer questions. More importantly, it saves a significant amount of time and resources required in customer service.

  1. Expand your email marketing list

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of digitally engaging with customers and prospects. For making it even more efficient, you need to be thorough about email marketing. Capture visitor email addresses on every product page of your site. Then let your marketing teamwork on this email list and send customized messages to prospective buyers. Besides, make the visitors’ email address part of the checkout process on your online store.

  1. Analyze data &d dynamically upgrade strategies  

Data analytics enable you to dig deeper and see exactly how shoppers behave on your site. Platforms like the Magento store offer advanced analytics capabilities that make your business more insights-driven. It also helps you create marketing campaigns based on customers’ specific needs. Besides, merchants heavily relying on analytics can closely monitor market trends and respond to changes accordingly. eCommerce experts believe that data-driven businesses can deliver superior user experiences than others.

Wrapping up

With an evolved eCommerce platform like Magento, you don’t need a full-blown team to successfully manage marketing. Advanced eCommerce platforms provide you with an array of marketing automation capabilities. That means even a small marketing team can do a lot. You just need to choose the right eCommerce platform.

For instance, if you hire Magento developers, they can incorporate advanced marketing capabilities powered by AI and automation. At Agento Support, we offer development support services for all your eCommerce management needs. Our results-focused solutions have helped numerous clients to redefine online commerce and boost profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an omnichannel eCommerce strategy?

An omnichannel eCommerce strategy is an approach to sales and marketing that provides customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience. It is achieved by combining user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing, to social media everything in between.

How is AI used in eCommerce?

AI is enabling retail companies to sense, predict, and automate their online business. A growing number of eCommerce businesses are successfully implementing AI and are using it to enhance their eCommerce engine and capability to generate revenue through sales and marketing.

How much does it cost to build a site on Magento 2?

The cost of designing and developing a Magento 2 eCommerce website depends heavily on your requirements. If you have an existing Magento 1 online store, just need to migrate the store. The cost of migration will be lower than developing a website from scratch. Agento Support offers reliable Magento eCommerce development services at a market-best price.