Adobe Summit 2022 – Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside the Virtual Global Event

March 14, 2022 | Author:

Join the community of top influential business leaders, innovators, and changemakers worldwide to learn, be inspired, and make powerful connections at Adobe Summit 2022. The virtual event will be hosted on 15-17 March 2022. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s in store for the much-awaited Adobe Summit digital experience conference to be held this week virtually.

Adobe Summit 2022 – Key Highlights

The San Jose, Calif.-based digital customer experience software provider is going to host its annual global conference virtually for the third consecutive year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The main focus of the Adobe Summit 2022 global online event will be around the growth of the digital economy and making it personal with new product and tech innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud that helps brands to offer personalized experiences at a full scale.

The digital experience conference will feature 200+ sessions and training workshops across 10 content tracks. Opening keynotes from Shantanu Narayen – Adobe CEO – and Anil Chakravarthy – President Adobe’s Digital Experience Business, will highlight the past, present, and future of the digital economy. They will also discuss how organizations that build true customer connections with personalized experiences will thrive in the digital economy.

Adobe will also showcase its new tech innovations. Mainstage sessions will highlight areas like commerce, work management, B2B, etc. with leading brands including Panera Bread, HP, and Honeywell.

Adobe Summit 2022

Meet the Experience Makers at Adobe Summit 2022

Opening Keynote: Shantanu Narayen and Anil Chakravarthy will focus on making the digital economy personal

Just like last year, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and President Anil Chakravarthy are going to commence the three-day global and all-digital conference.

During their explanations, each will highlight the growth of the digital economy. They will focus on how personalized customer experiences are the currency of our digital economy.

Gail McGovern, American Red Cross

After the first customer attention, American Red Cross President and CEO Gail McGovern will join the conversation. Since the day McGovern joined American Red Cross in 2008, she has worked towards transforming the organization, modernizing products, and leveraging the benefits of social media and mobile technologies. She has also supported this lifesaving organization with her guidance through significant calamities in history, including the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan Reynolds, Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, and Entrepreneur

Following McGovern’s closing remarks, Ryan Reynolds, a famous performer, and the writer will take the stage. Reynolds is planning to build his company Maximum Effort and actively create buzz-worthy campaigns for Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group

Next, Lorenzo Bertelli, a Former race car driver, will share an update from the Prada group. Bertelli joined the organization as group marketing director and then became the head of corporate social responsibility in 2017. Since joining, Bertelli has made efforts to streamline Prada’s business with its popular global brand, building powerful direct-to-consumer connections and dynamic experiences.

During the Adobe Summit keynote, he will throw light on the work Prada and Miu Miu are doing using Adobe Experience Cloud currently. He will also talk about future strategies and innovations for his organization.

John Donahoe, Nike, Inc.

John Donahoe joined Nike in 2012 as a board member and now he is the president and CEO. He has expanded Nike’s global business portfolio since he joined the organization. In the last couple of years, he has led several large-scale organizational changes, including the initiative for digital-first customer experiences. As Nike is ready for swift growth, John Donahoe will sit down for a CEO one-on-one with Narayen.

Rosalind Brewer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Rosalind Brewer became the CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. in the midst of the global pandemic. A passionate and inspirational business leader, Brewer has already introduced remarkable innovation within the organization, focusing on the future of consumer health and well-being.

Sneaks Session: Kristen Bell, Actress, Philanthropist, and Producer

Kristen Bell will host the most popular Sneaks session this year, talking about some of the latest developments from the Adobe labs. During this preview, she will collaborate one-to-one with some of the innovators who are developing new technologies and solutions. Some of the solutions you may see in future Adobe products. Being a host, Bell will ask questions, test-drive experiences, and give a real behind-the-scenes look at the future of work to the audience.

Build Dynamic Connections with Your Peers at Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit offers numerous opportunities to build long-term professional relationships with your peers.

Through the Connect section of the official Summit website, attendees will discover plenty of ways to connect and engage with Experience Makers, including Adobe executives, customers, and industry leaders who are transforming the business processes. With live Q&As with Adobe professionals, live in-session chats, and peer-to-peer conversations, participants can easily gain targeted insights from numerous creators and innovators.

Julie Luster, the event marketing manager at Adobe says that everyone has got something to share at Adobe Summit. Using Connect, registrants can leverage the collective wisdom and expand their professional groups while learning from each other.

How to Connect with Peers at Adobe Summit 2022?

1. Join in Virtual Conversations

The Braindate platform will support 3 types of virtual conversations, this year.

  • 20-minutes long one-on-one conversations
  • A 45-minutes long conversation with a group of up to 7 people
  • “Fishbowl” conversations led by Adobe Summit Network Ambassadors

These clubhouse-style Fishbowl sessions have been introduced this year, and they are created for extensive knowledge sharing, with up to 4 speakers and 16 observers. Participants can also become observers from being speakers at any time, which creates a unique interactive experience.

“Fishbowl conversations will give Summit attendees a chance to learn firsthand from Adobe experts,” said Luster. “These are the people who can really dig into even the most niche, product-related topics – experts who can ensure attendees walk away with all of their questions answered.”

2. Interact with Adobe Product Specialists

Other than joining in peer-to-peer learning, participants can submit questions for Adobe specialists before the event, and then get answers during the live Q&A sessions at Summit.

“People come to Summit to learn how to do even more with the Adobe solutions they’re using right now,” said Mike Stiles, the senior corporate event manager at Adobe. “Live Q&As with Adobe experts will give people an opportunity to ask those questions and start conversations so they can take experiences even further.”

Summit attendees can visit the virtual Connect hub to take part in Q&As with Adobe professionals and learn from others’ questions, comments, and challenges. You can also explore customer success stories for more inspiration and expert strategies.

3. Live Chat during Summit Sessions

While you can access all sessions and keynotes anytime, live chats allow participants to interact with session speakers in real-time.

Summit attendees can sign up to build connections through Braindate. After signing up, you can browse existing topics, create new topics, and start engaging with fellow attendees. One-on-one peer conversations, small group conversations, and Fishbowls can be scheduled through March 17 anytime.

Top Reasons to Attend Adobe Summit 2022

In the past year, matching customer expectations has been a unique experience. From increased adoption of remote work model to heavy dependence on enhanced, digital technologies, fast-growing trends have compelled Experience Makers to rethink the way we do business.

And therefore, this is the right time to discover and learn new at Adobe Summit 2022.

“We want to empower this global community to reimagine the way they do business – how they think about, build, and deliver exceptional experiences,” says Mike Stiles, senior corporate event manager at Adobe. “We want to make sure attendees end their Summit experience ready to dive in – to rethink their current strategies and really sharpen their vision for the future.”

The Summit will offer 200 sessions and training workshops, virtual networking experiences, and numerous opportunities to learn from leading brands and innovators. Forward-thinking Experience Makers can use this opportunity to learn about topics, themes, trends, and technologies driving modern experiences.

Attending this event will help you:

#1 Discover and understand how leading brands build a loyal audience

This year, the Summit welcomes a host of top global influencers and Experience Makers from IBM, Dell, Accenture, Deloitte, etc. which will be accessible through various networking experiences, including Braindate.

Attendees will get an opportunity to join diverse sessions, live chats, workshops, live Q&As with Adobe experts, product leaders, innovators, and industry leaders around the world.

#2 Stay ahead of the customer experience curve

This year’s sessions and workshops will span 10 themed content tracks:

  • B2B Marketing
  • Analytics for Customer Journeys
  • Digital Commerce
  • Content Management for Personalized Experiences
  • Collaborative Work Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Developer Ecosystem
  • Omnichannel Marketing and Optimization
  • Trends and Inspiration
  • Personalization at Scale

You can browse and filter out sessions, and workshops using the session catalog and create a customized Summit agenda as per your interests and preferred Adobe products.

If you’re unable to attend every session or workshop on your list, you can still engage through Summit’s on-demand platform after the event.

#3 Learn about Adobe’s new product capabilities and future vision

Adobe executive leadership, including Shantanu Narayen and Anil Chakravarthy, will share their insights into the future of experiences, including Adobe’s vision for the future. You can expect Adobe’s new product capabilities and feature announcements. You will also discover how Adobe is helping customers grow and make their businesses future-ready.

#4 Grow your professional network

The Connect page will facilitate peer-to-peer engagement and networking opportunities. You can engage with fellow Summit members including Adobe Experience Cloud users, partners, and experienced professionals such as business leaders, analysts, developers, marketers, and more.

You can take advantage of live sessions and Q&As with Adobe experts to get answers to your questions. You can even connect with product specialists and sponsors through special deals, giveaways, and customer success stories.

#5 Take full advantage of Adobe Experience Cloud investment

Gaining knowledge of the latest Adobe product capabilities and features can help attendees have an in-depth functional understanding of the existing technology stacks and also discover opportunities to strategically grow through new integrations.

The Summit’s sessions will help increase your organization’s current investment and help you learn from industry leaders how they are creating and leveraging the benefits of Adobe-powered experiences.

Our Thoughts

We, as a leading Magento 2 development company, are always eager and excited to attend such events to learn about new Adobe product features and functionalities, and how we can incorporate new trends to build true customer experiences. If you’re an Adobe Magento user, this is indeed a great opportunity to learn how to drive business growth and build personalized experiences from Experience Makers, business leaders, and experts.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now, browse the session catalog and create your own unique Adobe Summit 2022 experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How can I connect with fellow members of the Adobe Summit 2022?

Ans. Using the Connect page, you can dive into peer-to-peer engagement and networking opportunities. Here, you can connect and engage with fellow members of the Summit, including Adobe Experience Cloud users, partners, and experienced specialists, including analysts, marketers, developers, business leaders, etc.

Q.2. How can I join virtual conversations at the Summit?

Ans. Using Braindate, you can connect with your peers attending Adobe Summit 2022 and participate in conversations or create your own. You can join one-on-one conversations, Small group conversations for up to 7 people, or “Fishbowl” conversations led by Adobe Summit Network Ambassadors

For more information, visit the official Adobe Summit page.