Adobe Summit 2022 – Key Takeaways From Informative Digital Experience Conference

March 28, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

Finally, Adobe Summit 2022, a virtual digital experience conference held last week turned into a successful & informative visual session.

The event marked the attendance of global leaders, thinkers, and innovators from all across the globe. Just to name a few, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, Gail McGovern (President & CEO of American Red Cross), former race driver, Lorenzo Bertelli (from Prada Group), President & CEO of Nike, John Donahoe, and several other influential leaders graced the event.

It was the third-consecutive virtual Adobe Summit 2022 recently conducted in full swing. A San Jose, California-based digital customer experience software provider organized the digital conference. The annual event marked the presence of global innovators who attended more than 190 educative sessions during the event.

An extensive line of sessions, discussions, and chatter during the event revolved around emerging things like marketing trends, practices, success stories, development in marketing & advertising, curated digital experience, growth of the digital economy, and personalized marketing experience.

During the opening keynote of the digital experience conference held virtually recently, the CEO of Adobe Shantanu Narayan and Anil Chakravarthy highlighted the growth of the digital economy. “The future of the digital economy is certainly on the bright side. There is a growing need to focus on delivering personalized customer experiences to people that will impact the businesses and directly enhance the economy to an optimum level”.

Adobe Summit 2022 - Key Takeaways

Announcements Made at Adobe Summit 2022

The summit witnessed several remarkable announcements done by the VP of Experience Cloud and Adobe Workfront, Steve Hammond. He made numerous product announcements and business changing points related to the following few key points.

* Steve Hammond announces soon to integrate CDP ( customer data platform) with Adobe Target. The move helps enable all the brands accessing Adobe will be able to personalize web experiences.

* Enhanced set of investments in the Healthcare sector. The ultimate goal is to allow the vertical to design and deliver personalized digital experiences to users and improve the lifecare.

* Ideation of Adobe Sensei, an AI-powered tool that integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud. It helps enterprises personalize the marketing content, predict trends, revenue, automate execution, and analyze customer behavior by putting data into actionable insights.

* Enabling Cloud-based learning platform, powered by Adobe and known as Adobe Learning Manager. It helps create new and engaging digital experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

* Adobe announcing a new partnership with The Weather Company, IBM. It allows enterprises to personalize digital experiences based on weather-related data. OneTrust came forward to help brands manage user consent and Anaplan to combine financial planning and marketing workflows on time. Reflecting on the newly formed partnership of IBM-Adobe partnership extension, Sheri Bachstein, CEO of The Weather Company and GM of IBM Watson Advertising, reinforced the market desire to adopt personalized marketing and improve the digital experience.

In her opinion, “users (brands) will get AI-driven insights based on this newly formed partnership and understand more about customers’ buying behavior. The data-driven approach showcases how a particular weather condition impacts the customer buying approach and the need to offer personalized web-based experience”. She further added, “Weather has an end-to-end impact on every aspect of customer’s life. With his new collaboration, we are helping enterprises to adopt a proven predictor of behavior and put the customer first as the primary benchmark”.

* Other newly formed partnerships with Walmart, PayPal, and FedEx. It allows brands to have more capabilities in payment and delivery-related options, mainly to meet widespread customer requirements.

* Key updates in the Adobe Workfront with having new capabilities and integrations with other Adobe applications. It allows teams to work more collaboratively, enhance integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud, asset management, and financial management capabilities.

A Kind of Celebration of Integration- By Liz Miller 

The vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, Liz Miller, named the summit, as the Celebration of Integration. According to her, the learnings and the digitally focussed sessions of the conference reflected more towards integration ideas with the customers. It is more than that integrating technologies.

She further added, “the integrations focus more on creating values, rather than mere connecting business solutions with technologies. We can do, what we always wanted to do. To cut the whole story short, Adobe Summit focuses more towards facilitating experience strategy across enterprises to gain customer attention”.

Mandatory Need to Scale Up Investment in the Digital Economy- By Steve Hammond

Speaking in connection with Adobe Summit 2022 digital experience conference, Steve Hammond discussed the increasing investment in the digital economy. He said, “Just take the example of this Summit which has been going on digitally since 2020. Till, 2019, it happened in the physical world but the pandemic posed huge restrictions on the movement. It is because of the increased digitization that we are executing the summit digitally for the last three years. Even brands are offering powerful digital experiences more at the personalized front to millions in milliseconds.

Connectivity of the Platform is a matter of key importance- By Joan Smith 

The connectivity of the business platform to gather data insights collaborate channels, content, and workflow was resounded through different summit sessions. It was the key message during the summit across all the virtual attendees to integrate data and reporting and rely on powerful actionable insights. It allows brands to understand the customer’s requirements as a whole and provide the long-desired user experience.

Our Takeaway

One of the biggest takeaways for us being a leading Magento 2 development company is digital sustainability and creating experiences extensively. We continue to build integrated and collaborated eCommerce platforms for clients and will take the personalized user experience to a whole new level.