8 Interesting Magento Development Facts Every eCommerce Business Should Know

May 23, 2022 | Author:

Many eCommerce companies are adding eCommerce platforms for a better user experience. Also, this eCommerce framework helps you to build an excellent online store. Firstly it adds up to your brand value and drives sales. Secondly, it looks more precise and organised to look and choose for the customers. Magento is one in demand for many years to look and come. Magento development companies can help you establish an insightful and engaging online store for your business.

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Highlights of Magento eCommerce Platform 

Though Magento is full of surprises and benefits, here are some of the best to pick from Magento eCommerce development. You can even hire Magento developers for your project. 

  • Magento serves 1.2 percent of the Internet 

Magento powers approximately 1.2 percent of the websites. Because the platform is designed for creating online stores, it holds a 12 percent market share in creating eCommerce websites. Magento is a feature-rich application for creating online stores that distinguish it from other CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal. Despite its standalone eCommerce platform, Magento maintains a significant market share in the category of CMS applications. 

  • Magento dominates the e-commerce Demand 

Magento development is a platform that is open-source, customizable, and scalable. After downloading and installing the free online shopping platform, you can use Magento Development to add Magento extensions and customize them to your liking. Furthermore, the platform is regularly updated, making it more secure and trustworthy in protecting you from hackers. Understandably, there are other platforms with a significant presence, but the preference for Magento grows with each passing year. 

  • A Plethora of Themes and Extensions 

It is no secret that the Magento marketplace contains thousands of themes and extensions. Almost half of these themes and extensions have decommissioned from the previous version. These add-ons can help you improve the features and functionality of your Magento store. These extensions are simple to install and facilitate web development. These things entice several developers, whether they are novices or amateurs. Using an existing extension for your store saves you both time and money. You can also find a theme based on your industry niche and quickly begin developing your store. 

  • Huge Community Support 

It is a large community of professional Magento developers developing client projects and developing their solutions. They assist online retailers in developing eCommerce stores, adding new functionality, improving speed and security, etc. With so many developers available, you’ll always be able to find a solution for your store. When you work with Magento, you are never alone. Merchants, sellers, and service providers can access first-rate technical support. Several credible and leading top-tier web development companies. With dedicated developers who are always ready to assist online merchants in creating their e-commerce websites. 

  • Official Global Partners of Magento 

If you want to work with Magento development services in the future, this fact will benefit you. Magento not only served eCommerce retailers by providing a platform that could meet all of their needs, but it also established a partnership network of numerous reputable companies. These partners carry on the legacy of providing services to all users. It can include implementing a business solution, designing and improving a store’s functionality, and providing support. However, becoming a Magento partner is not an easy task. It chooses an agency or a Magento development company to be the platform ambassador. 

  • Magento Developers at your Service 

Magento platform amasses a strong community of professionals and developers who are busy serving their clients on projects. They are assisting merchants in eCommerce web developmentfrom scratch, adding a specific feature or functionality, or improving the user experience of their existing webshop. Hence, this Magento fact is quite convincing for new eCommerce store owners. Its open-source code and presence of such a massive community of professionals mean you always have a handful of skilled resources. They are well-versed with the technology you have based on your business. Thus, top-notch technical support is readily available to merchants, sellers, and service providers. 

  •  Adobe acquired Magento 

Adobe, a giant software firm known for its creative and multimedia applications, purchased Magento in 2018. Before the Magento acquisition, this was owned by a private firm, but Adobe intends to merge it with its cloud experience to take the platform to the next level. So, the Magento acquisition was one of the Magento facts that were trending last year and that everyone was talking about it. 

  • Use a Single Backend for Multiple eCommerce Sites 

Magento is an e-commerce development platform that allows you to manage numerous eCommerce stores from a single dashboard. Multiple store functionality will help in removing different apps across various domains. Furthermore, online retailers can display multiple store views that show relevant products to a region in their native language or currency. 


The most effective platform for creating an online store is Magento website development. It has many features, some of which will be more useful to you than others. All the above-mentioned facts are the praise-worthy benefits of this impactful platform. These facts demonstrate how features such as flexibility, adaptability, simplicity, and clarity benefit developers and Magento e-commerce development companies. For more consideration, consult Magento development services for your business. 


What is the purpose of Magento? 

Magento is an Adobe-owned eCommerce website platform that specializes in eCommerce websites. Magento users have access to hundreds of unique features that assist them in connecting with customers and selling their products. 

Is Magento a free or paid service? 

Magento is open-source and available for free download, which is one option. While the software is free, you will need to pay for web development, web hosting, and additional integration costs to launch and maintain your site. 

Is Magento a front-end or a backend system? 

Simultaneously, Magento introduced Front-end Certification, which intended to validate the knowledge and skills required to understand Magento’s core principles for theming components and the ability to modify the user interface.