A Close Look at Magento Development Trends in 2023 And Strategy Ahead

May 13, 2021 | Author: Ashley Brown

Survival and staying competitive are two important virtues that businesses need to embrace, especially at this point of uncertain time. There is no doubt in the fact that companies are performing hard toil on their operations adopting new technologies, and widen their sphere to increase the overall ROI. The situation is nothing different for online retailers. Since the onslaught of the pandemic, eCommerce players are rapidly evolving their technical approach in giving better services to customers. An important one is following the latest Magento development trends to stay ahead of the competition.

As you already know, Magento is one of the most acquired and result-oriented content management systems (CMS) and eCommerce platforms. It accounts for a total of 12% of retail websites out of which 250,000 are actively running sites and 11,000 runs on Magento 2 platform. And, it is rapidly gaining acceptance from retailers to witness much-needed growth and success.

Now, what comes as an important decision is to enhance the functioning of their Magento website. And, the best viable solution is following the profitable Magento development trends comprising of innovative technologies and features. Simply look at the trends, and then hire Magento 2 developers to successfully adopt decision-making technologies for your existing platform.

Top-Notch Development Trends of Magento Website in 2021

Magento Development Trends

1. Voice Search 

It is always better to say your thoughts than writing and presenting them to others. The same is happening with Magento eCommerce websites. There is an increasing dependency of eCommerce customers over the Voice Search feature of a website. At present, 20% of the users prefer finding the desired choice of products using this feature and get desired results with double speed as that of typing the product.

A leading part of Magento 2 development, the trend of Voice Search will soon touch the points of 50% of the users. And, voice search-based shopping is expected to rise to $40 billion in 2022.

Thus, it is best recommended to equip your eCommerce platform with a much-demanding Voice Search feature and embrace more sales.

2. Enabling Artificial Intelligence Technology 

Artificial Intelligence technology is helping several eCommerce giants in enhancing their digital strategies. The best example you have is Amazon. You might have witnessed the ways you receive personalized product recommendations emails, notifications, or messages based on your previous purchasing history or product search. This is what we understand the true phenomenon of AI in Magento eCommerce. The technology offers an optimum level of Magento support by analyzing customer’s search patterns, behavior, gather the data to help businesses understand their preference. In short, AI technology needs to be embraced in 2021 to enrich the overall customer’s product buying experience.

3. Role of AR in eCommerce 

Augmented Reality is one of the most cutting-edge Magento development trends to embrace in 2021. It is a very well said statement when technology meets eCommerce, then profitable results come out that are more than expected.

The same goes with AR in the Magento eCommerce platform that performs and benefits the business in different ways. 

Virtual changing room and style mirror are the two best virtues of Augmented Reality offerings for the online retail platform. This technology helps customers to virtually try out clothes and fashion accessories while browsing the platform on their smartphone or desktop and make a better purchasing decision. There will be no need to shop first and return the product after it does not suit you. Your shopper’s base can try out the products virtually without even leaving the comfort of home.

4. Chatbot

Chatbot in eCommerce is making headlines since its early inception. The technology handles as much as 85% of the customer interaction to maintain the retention rate, embrace queries, and offer desired products to customers.

A correctly designed Chatbot algorithm helps maximum customer engagement as compared to human operator’s support. You can embrace this technology to handle a large spectrum of customers personally in a 24/7 running environment.

5. Reduce Abandoned Rate with Push Notifications 

Unfinished purchases and a higher rate of abandoned cart rate impacts an eCommerce business to a large extent. Not only, it decreases the reliability factor of the platform but also questions the customer engagement and product offering strategies. It is a serious problem for every Magento eCommerce platform that needs to be tackled immediately.

As we are talking about the latest Magento development trends, it does have the solution of embracing push notifications to decrease the cart abandoned rate.

Sending personalized notifications to customers helps to remind them of the pending shopping cart and continue the purchase. It also reduces the advertising cost, increases profit, and improves the behavioral factors of the customers.

6. Live Streaming 

Live Streaming feature via social media platforms is not confined to the limit of personal profiles only. Many eCommerce brands slowly yet rapidly adopting this trend of showing products through the audiovisual medium. There is no doubt in the fact that customers are more than happy to embrace videos over social platforms that have a long remembrance rate as compared to written content. Thus, you can devise a live streaming feature in your digital marketing strategy to increase customer engagement and enhance the overall sales patterns.

Wrapping Up 

Trends come and go and they keep changing over time. What really matters is adopting the latest trend matching your business standards at the right time and witnesses increased profit ahead. The same goes with following Magento eCommerce development trends to enhance the overall functionality and product offering strategy. All you have to do is getting the technical support of a reliable company like AgentoSupport where experienced Magento 2 developers will help you embrace the latest technologies. And, you make a difference in your product selling and profit generation approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Magento Profitable for Businesses? 

Magento is valuable for eCommerce businesses to find complete control and flexibility while managing the platform features, functionalities, and outlook. It is extremely convenient, robust in security, and scalable in terms of adding desired features. On top of that, the upgraded version Magento 2 is also available for enterprises to find a new set of extensions, plugins, and add-ons for maximum performance.

What are the Different Versions of Magento Available? 

Magento categorizes the product across multiple offerings like Magento Order Management, Magento Social, Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce, Magento Shipping, and Magento Business Intelligence. As for the latest version, Magento 2.4 is available for enterprises to embrace new features and improvements in the B2B module, ElasticSearch, Product Recommendations, Adobe Stock Integration, etc.

Is There Any Limitation Attached to Magento Platform?

No, there is no such kind of limitations attached with the Magento eCommerce platform. It requires object-oriented programming to prevent turning into a complex system. It offers several feature-related and functionalities benefits that make it a highly scalable platform.