Boost Performance & Security: Deploying Magento 2 on AWS Cloud

February 19, 2024 | Author: Ashley Brown

Magento 2 on AWS Cloud

Ensuring security and optimizing performance is crucial for organizations of all sizes in the modern digital environment, particularly for those in the eCommerce sector. Magento 2 is one platform that has become quite popular for online retailers. It gives companies the ability to design beautiful and effective eCommerce websites with its extensive feature set and customization choices. The best way to improve Magento 2’s security and speed even further is to host it on the AWS Cloud. We will look at Magento 2 on AWS Cloud and talk about the best methods to use AWS Magento hosting to grow your online store in this blog.

Magento 2’s Development on the AWS Cloud by 2024

The Top Trends and Statistics

Since its release, Magento 2 has seen a sharp increase in use, with over 250,000 retailers utilizing it globally.

  • AWS Cloud has been the go-to hosting option for Magento 2 in 2024 because of its scalability, dependability, and security capabilities.
  • With projections indicating that the global eCommerce industry will exceed $6.3 trillion by 2024.
  • It is essential to have a strong platform such as Magento 2 hosted on AWS Cloud to provide businesses with a better reach.
  • Businesses can maximize their security and performance with AWS’s extensive suite of services and tools tailored for Magento workloads.
  • Businesses can align their resources depending on demand and also the flexibility of AWS Cloud, which reduces costs and boosts productivity.

Top AWS Magento Hosting Strategies to Grow Your Online Store

Dependable and safe Infrastructure for Hosting Magento

One of the main benefits of hosting Magento 2 on AWS Cloud is the security and dependability it provides for your business. Your eCommerce website has high availability because of AWS’s strong infrastructure, which guarantees less downtime and an uninterrupted user experience. To further protect your priceless client data, AWS offers multi-layered security features including network isolation, data encryption, and automatic backups.

Make the Most of Auto Scaling’s Power

Your Magento shop must be scalable to satisfy the constantly shifting needs of its clientele. Your website’s capacity can be automatically adjusted via the AWS Auto Scaling function in response to traffic trends. Magento 2 Support Services guarantee constant performance at peak periods, you can save expenses and optimize the use of available resources.

Top 3 Leading Companies using Magento AWS Hosting for their Business


A leading technological company in the world, Siemens, is making its business while hosting Magento 2 on AWS Cloud for its shop. Siemens saw a significant increase in the scalability and speed of their website after moving to AWS. Magento on Amazon Web Services product handled heavy traffic loads with ease, which raised customer satisfaction and sales.


Netflix and other behemoths alike depend on AWS Cloud for their hosting requirements. Netflix uses the scalability and dependable infrastructure of AWS to provide continuous streaming services to millions of customers globally, despite their enormous user base and irregular traffic patterns. Magento POS Integration Services collaboration shows how reputable businesses entrust AWS with their vital workloads.

BMW Group

BMW Group decided to host their Magento 2 websites on AWS Cloud. They were able to guarantee outstanding performance and security for their online businesses in this way, which improved user experience and raised sales. Because of Magento AWS hosting, BMW Group was able to efficiently manage a large amount of visitor traffic and provide its consumers with a customized purchasing experience.

The Top 3 Benefits of Managed Hosting for Expanding Businesses in 2024

Cost Savings and Scalability

Managed hosting companies, like Agento Support, provide affordable options that do away with the need to purchase and manage internal infrastructure. By providing variable price options, these suppliers enable companies to adjust their resource levels in response to demand. Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension guarantees financial savings and removes the burden of infrastructure management, freeing companies to concentrate on their core skills.

Technical know-how and assistance

Managed hosting gives companies access to a group of very talented individuals who focus on Magento hosting. These professionals guarantee that your website is secure and optimized for performance while offering insightful analysis and suggestions. Additionally, Magento Speed Optimization Services provide 24/7 technical assistance, guaranteeing quick resolution of any problems that can come up.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Magento 2 shop security is a top priority for managed hosting companies. Strong security measures are put in place by them, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and frequent vulnerability evaluations. They also guarantee adherence to industry standards like PCI-DSS, protecting private client data and upholding confidence.

The Best 3 Steps for Selecting a Trustworthy Hosting Company

Assess Reliability and Performance

Choose a hosting company with a solid uptime and performance history. To guarantee the best possible performance for your Magento 2 shop, consider their infrastructure, network connection, and server specs. In Magento 2 on AWS Cloud testimonials and reviews from previous clients can also provide insightful information about the dependability of the service.

Scalability and Flexibility

Magento Cloud Development verifies that the hosting company has solutions that are flexible enough to expand with your organization. Seek for features like auto-scaling, which removes the possibility of performance loss during peak times by enabling intelligent resource allocation depending on demand.

Support and Expertise

Pick a hosting company with specialized Magento hosting support and knowledge. Seek for companies that give prompt problem resolution, proactive monitoring, and round-the-clock technical assistance. Furthermore, consider suppliers that have managed Magento (Adobe Commerce) workloads in the past to make sure they are familiar with the particular needs of your eCommerce platform.

There are a few things to think about before moving your Magento 2 shop to AWS Cloud.

  • Make sure you have a complete backup of the files and database in your existing store.
  • Check Magento’s (Adobe Commerce) system requirements and compatibility with AWS services as well.
  • A seamless relocation and the least amount of possible disturbance to your company’s operations can be guaranteed with careful planning and preparation.

Top 5 Reasons for Dependable Magento AWS Hosting with Agento Support

Unmatched speed

With unmatched speed with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and optimized settings, Magento AWS hosting from Agento Support delivers exceptional speed and blazingly quick page loads. A flawless shopping experience for your clients will boost conversions and boost customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Security and Monitoring

Your Magento 2 store’s security is a top priority for Agento Support. Your website is safe from possible dangers because of the sophisticated security features including virus scanning, frequent backups, and real-time monitoring. This builds brand confidence and guarantees the security of your consumer data.

Easy Migration

Your Magento shop can be seamlessly moved to the AWS Cloud by the knowledgeable staff at Agento Support. Magento 2 on AWS Cloud provides a hassle-free experience for your company by managing every part of the relocation process, including data transfer, server setup, and configuration.

Proactive Support and Fast Issue Resolution

You can contact a group of committed Magento specialists who provide round-the-clock assistance by using Agento Support. Magneto upgrade service keeps a close eye on your website, takes quick action when anything goes wrong, and provides insightful advice on how to improve security and performance.

Affordable Solutions

Without requiring any up-front payments, Agento Support provides various price options customized to your company’s requirements. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Development and its economical solutions guarantee that you only pay for the resources that you use, saving you a substantial amount of money without sacrificing security or performance.

Final Thoughts

For eCommerce companies, deploying Magento 2 on the AWS Cloud has changed the game. It offers the security, scalability, and dependability required to maximize performance and guarantee the safety of your online shop. Businesses can increase their eCommerce efforts, benefit from managed hosting, and choose a dependable hosting provider like Agento Support by using AWS Magento hosting. By using Magento eCommerce development company capabilities on AWS Cloud, you can safeguard your company’s future development and prosper in 2024’s cutthroat market.


What are the system prerequisites for using AWS with Magento 2?

Elasticsearch, MySQL, PHP, and other particular system requirements are needed to run Magento 2. Make sure your AWS instances fit these specifications, and think about managing the database with managed services like Amazon Aurora.

Is it possible to host a Magento 2 database using Amazon RDS?

It is advised to host Magento 2 databases using Amazon RDS. It improves your e-commerce site’s overall speed by offering high availability, scalability, and automatic backups.

How can I be sure my Magento 2 installation on AWS is secure?

Put AWS security best practices into effect by patching and upgrading your Magento installation regularly, using a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and setting up security groups. For access control, take into account AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) as well.

Is there a suggested method for using AWS to back up Magento 2 data?

AWS provides a range of backup options. Hire a Magento Developer in Dallas so that they can provide you with the automatic backup schedules using AWS Backup or other third-party applications, and storing backups on Amazon S3.

How can I manage traffic surges on AWS during peak hours?

Depending on demand, automatically change the number of instances by using AWS Auto Scaling. For effective distribution of incoming traffic across many instances, combine this with elastic load balancing.