Digital Commerce Transformation Since 2020 And the Changes Ahead

March 23, 2021 | Author: Ashley Brown

Digital Commerce or better known as eCommerce has risen to a new height since the pandemic made its unexpected presence in 2020. Last year, digital sales boosted over $183 billion which is like 42% more as compared to 2019.

The overall phenomenon has changed the way people shop for products with having an increased emphasis on the online shopping experience. In response to this increasing penetration towards enhanced digital commerce sales, retail enterprises are ready to adopt new technologies, enhance web store functionalities, and acquire new growth strategies.

If you are looking forward to embracing new changes with effects from the pandemic in 2020, then learn from the  5 eCommerce lessons. Scale up the functional reach of your platform by getting the support of professional Magento developers.

5 Digital Commerce Lessons to Learn from 2020 Scenario

Digital Commerce Transformation Since 2020 And the Changes Ahead

1. Focus on Increasing Page Load Speed

Being a part of the Magento marketplace implies the fact that you have to be competitive enough to offer a unique set of eCommerce facilities. Special emphasis should be given to the page loading speed of your website. It has been stated that slow loading of web pages of your online selling platform can make customers switch to another platform. Other implications are fewer sales, loss of customer base, and decreased set of search engine ranking.

As per Google, a website that takes more than 3 seconds to download results in a loss of traffic and the existing users. You need to give special emphasis on the performance monitoring of the website that meets customer’s expectations at all levels.

2. Curbside Pick is the New Phenomenon

The rapid increase in digital eCommerce in 2020 during the pandemic gives special rise to curbside pick-up features. More and more grocery stores have adopted this feature of allowing customers to pick up stuff from the local store.

As of August, there has been a 6.9% increase in the rate of customers preferring curbside or in-store pickup options. And, the number is going to rise in 2021 and ahead. If your Magento store does have this functionality, then you are missing something big. So, better get ready with multiple delivery options.

3. Mobile App Shopping Continues to Flourish

Mobile commerce has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. It offers businesses the strength and customers the easy accessibility to shopping for products anywhere and anytime. Not to forget, mobile devices alone experience 60% of the total digital commerce sales and are projected to increase more by 2022.

If your website is not converting the expected set of customers, then it’s time to embrace enrichment towards Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This offers high page loading speed, easy accessibility, and enhanced ranking.

4. B2Bs Need Sell Online Before It’s Too Late

Even the B2B sector was also disrupted by the effects of the pandemic situation. But few smart players experienced the immunity by shifting focus from traditional to the online mode of dealing with the targetted set of customers. As a result, 89% of the newly transformed B2B sector into an online commerce model like to continue embracing the digital sales model.

The trend that exceptionally started well in 2020 will continue to dominate the coming years with having prominent benefits. Like flexible selling models, the wide marketplace, remote working, and more sales.

5. AI and Augmented Reality (AR) Offer Personalized Shopping Experience

Personalization is the key to boost eCommerce sales. 36% of the online retail customers want a personalized shopping experience. Concerning this, many brands have embraced the conversion virtues of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the eCommerce business offers personal product recommendations, promotions, and likewise content to grab maximum attention. On the other side, AR allows virtual objects to see in a real-life environment and makes the shopping experience go better.

Looking at the increasing numbers of shoppers placing orders from home, AR offers the following few benefits:

  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • Virtual appliances store to see how appliances like inside your home
  • Virtual home showrooms to witness how a new piece of furniture looks inside your living or bedroom area

Let your eCommerce platform integrated well with Artificial Intelligence, AR, and further embrace PSD to Magento and bring an exceptional shopping experience.

Wrapping Up

Learning, modifications, and updates have no end for an eCommerce business. Drive more sales by embracing timely and required changes to make an impact ahead. Simply upgrade your Magento store with robust and advanced functionalities to stay ahead of the competition. The leading Magento eCommerce development company, AgentoSupport offers reliable support of experienced and certified Magento developers.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Magento?

Magento is one of the popular and open-source eCommerce platforms that helps retailers to get started with a scalable retail platform. In total, there over 170,000 websites built on Magento all across the globe. It is written in PHP allowing businesses to flexibly create an object-oriented website in a cost-effective manner.

How Artificial Intelligence is Beneficial for Magento Platform?

Artificial Intelligence technology integrated with the Magento store personalizes the shopping experience of customers. It provides valuable features like a smart search option, Chatbot assistance, personal product recommendations, notifications, and more.

What is the Best Way to Hire Magento Developer Online?

Hire an experienced Magento developer for any of the development, customization, migration, theme designing, Magento 2 development, and other requirements. AgentoSupport offers reliable assistance of professional Magento developers having an excellent track record of developing successful websites.