A Complete Handbook to eCommerce Website Development Cost in 2024

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A Complete Handbook to eCommerce Website Development Cost in 2024

Bygone are the days when we need to hassle on the roads or at the shops to buy something. But now, you can buy everything in the comfort of your home only with some clicks. It is all because of digitalization. To advance in this realm, what we need is an impeccable eCommerce website. The main concern that comes up right next to this is what is the eCommerce website development cost. To excel in your business in this digitally advanced and competitive market, you need to walk along with time by matching every moment with your step. 

The main purpose of this write-up is to clear out the doubts regarding the cost of eCommerce website development. So, if you are in the thinking phase to go with eCommerce website development, it is quite worth it for you to go through this write-up till the end. Don’t miss anything in between as it disturbs the essence of this entire pile of this knowledge.

Factors to Identify eCommerce Website Development Cost

Factors to Identify eCommerce Website Development Cost

There are a myriad of Magento 2 Mobile App Development companies that exist helping another business in eCommerce development. Many cases arise where the cost of eCommerce website development varies depending on the place. Some other factors responsible for eCommerce Website development cost in India. These are:

Site domain & Hosting Services

It will all depend on factors related to your business like your target market, the number of pages, business type, etc. These all collectively fix up your domain and hosting services cost that will in turn lead to the eCommerce website development cost. If we here talk of India, the cost for a domain will range from $25 to $50 while hosting plans can go to $300 per month. 

Additional Features

Features like live chat and UPI integration are something that is a must to be included in your app while going with Magento eCommerce Development and these uplift the total price. All in all, the fact is adding necessary features is not a choice and as many features you infuse, the cost levied by a Magento eCommerce Development company on you goes higher. 

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is one of the significant things to ensure the smooth functionality of your website. It is a non-negotiable amount that you need to pay if you approach an ideal or reputed eCommerce website development company. On average, it starts from the bar of $1000 per year. 

Complete Evaluation of eCommerce Website Development Cost 

Complete Evaluation of eCommerce Website Development Cost 

The eCommerce website development cost in India varies too much based on several factors. These include the size and complexity of the website, the functionality demanded, the design and branding components, and the expertise of the Magento eCommerce Development Company you approached. 

Moreover, there are other factors included as well that impact the total cost of eCommerce website development like domain registration, SSL Certificate, Payment gateway integration, website maintenance, and marketing costing. 

Thus, it is quite important to make a wise plan to identify the total eCommerce website development cost to prevent the emergence of any unwanted expense. Certain eCommerce website-building platforms are listed here that will levy different amounts on you for having your online store. Some of the widely used eCommerce platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. 


The cost of eCommerce Website Development with WooCommerce starts with nothing but can go up to the sum of $5,000. It entirely depends on the additional extensions and plugins that you choose for your website from the available ones. 


In this case, eCommerce website development cost starts from $1000 and can go up to the limit of $10,000 depending on the size and scale of your website. Prices for the same start to expand as your sales grow. 


This is free to use and completely considered Open-source but the cost you need to pay to Hire Magento Developers and have a Magento 2 development company along with the theme as per your choice, price may rise to around $3,000 to $5,000. 

Tips for keeping your eCommerce Website Development Cost low

Tips for keeping your eCommerce Website Development Cost low

If you want to have your online eCommerce store by keeping the eCommerce Website Development cost under the size of your pocket, pay attention to these tips. However, the overall cost of eCommerce website development depends on the perception, idea, and vision you have in your mind. However, in order to continue to reduce the cost of Magento Consulting services, keep these tips in mind. 

  • Try to look to invest in the best hosting services that let you attain maximum features by paying only a general sum.
  • Focus on the essential features and limit your app development to those features only. 
  • Ensure to take the usage of open-source software
  • Leverage any pre-existed template with the basic layout and design element already involved in it. 
  • Consider to hire Magento developers or a small Magento 2 development company to lower your pricing for more personalized services. 
  • Focus on clean lines and a simple color palette to maintain the design cost to the minimum level. 

Benefits why should someone invest in eCommerce Web Development 

Benefits why should someone invest in eCommerce Web Development 

Investing in eCommerce web development can offer you a bag full of benefits and if you didn’t know till now what are these, you landed at the right place. 

Better Customer Experience

An eCommerce website can provide all customers with a seamless experience of shopping for anything from the comfort of their homes. They can place orders, make payments, and track orders from anywhere anytime. By offering a user-friendly interface, you can ensure that customers come to your website, spend time, and become repeat customers leading to an increased retention rate. 

Refined Brand Image

Don’t bother too much about eCommerce Website development costs to get an enhanced brand image. With a well-crafted and professional website, businesses can show that they are a reliable source for customers to shop with them as they appear more like a trustworthy brand. It will make you witness the bar of customer loyalty increase. 

Elevated Revenue & Profitability

Setting up an online store opens up the space for you in the digital realm to play. It will give you the chance to target a wide range of audiences to increase sales and by cutting down the entire operational costs. People nowadays don’t have too much time and if you are capturing the opportunity i.e., by offering them services on their devices then they will prefer you for shopping. It increases the chances for you to acquire more revenue and thus more profit. 

Ending Words!

All in all, it is not wrong to say that the eCommerce website development cost seems daunting at first but if you apply these tips and stick to the information mentioned above, you can come to the point of investing the amount comfortable to your pocket. However, it is true as well that investing in making an apt eCommerce store that can represent your ideology is necessary to lay down a strong foundation for your business success. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the most expensive part that comes out in the entire eCommerce Website development cost?

Ans. Design and development are considered the most costly part of the process of eCommerce website development.

Q. How much do I need to pay to maintain my online eCommerce store?

Ans. Here is the general pricing structure given to maintain your eCommerce store for smooth functioning varying based on the size of the company. 

  • Small Sites: $100 per year
  • Medium Sites: $400-$500 per year
  • Large Sites: $1000 or above per year

Q. What to expect as pricing if I am seeking Magento eCommerce SEO Services?

Ans. Hiring an eCommerce website development company for Magento eCommerce SEO services will make you receive a proposal of around $6,000 to $200,000 per year.