Everything You Must Know About Ticketing System For Magento 2

August 19, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

Customer care and query resolution desks are major assets to companies. You generally get an automated message or real-person message asking you to wait unless they can find an expert! Are those people actually waiting around for an expert to show up? Nope. 

Magento 2 ticketing system

There’s a reason why these processes are followed. The system helps streamline several customer queries and gives them quick resolution—but it doesn’t stop there. 

A number of companies leverage automated ticketing systems in both service and product-based industries. When you get a text or voice message from them, this means that the auto attendant has logged your concern and is looking for someone who knows how to help fix it right away. 

And! If someone gets stuck trying to figure out what went wrong with something you bought, Magento eCommerce Development company may be able (with some customizations) to do so too.

What is a Ticketing System? 

An automated ticketing system helps customer service agents function efficiently through prioritization and delivering a more enjoyable customer experience. Tickets are often created either internally by the teams themselves or externally from customers who have questions about the products/services you offer. 

Internal systems usually offer managers the ability to assign tasks to other employees via email, whereas external ones give customers direct access to support representatives. 

How does Ticketing work? 

Ticketing extensions and applications for Magento 2 help desk allow IT Support to track, manage, speed up, and deal effectively with incidents. By first creating a document of the incident details known as a ticket, this ticket is then used for recording the subsequent interactions throughout an issue’s resolution phase. 

Both the person who assigns the ticket and those resolving it have continuous access to said thread and can be referred back to at any point in time. Additionally, new support members can be added to the conversation thread for easy reference. 

After the ticket is created and assigned to a trained professional, the resolution phase begins. Throughout this whole process, the end user will receive notifications when the support professional takes any new actions.

Once the problem is fully resolved by an experienced professional, there are various paths available for reviewing additional information before closing a ticket – whether it be through another email from you (the customer) or if you’d like to contact us again about something similar later on down the line. 

Some ticket platforms contain integrated feedback tools for collecting reviews after a ticket has been closed – both of which provide valuable insight into how well each team member performed in response to your needs during that particular instance. 

How can Magento 2 Help Desk extensions help businesses succeed? 

With Magento 2 Help Desk extensions, you can easily create a ticketing system with your website. This offers efficient customer service and resolutions while allowing you to focus on what matters most—your customers! Turn smoothly and effortlessly interact with customers by using the Help Desk for Magento 2. 

Here are five compelling reasons why you should utilize Magento 2 Help Desk Ticketing System: 

  • Seamlessly interact with customers straight from your company’s dashboard. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re integrating another ticketing system into the website – because all the information will be at your fingertips. 
  • Provide an impressive customer service experience by giving speedy resolutions and presenting an admirable track record of performance to improve the company’s reputation.
  • Maximize efficiency while maintaining high levels of productivity by assigning tasks or responsibilities efficiently between team members and staff based on skillsets. 
  • With automatic scheduling software which automates assignments, smaller enterprises can also take advantage of this feature too.
  • The Help Desk extensions can be customized and configured according to individual needs without any difficulties.

If you hire Magento 2 developers, they’ll give you access to the benefits brought about by using the Magento 2 Help Desk Ticketing System. 

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Top Magento 2 Helpdesk Extensions: 

1. Aheadworks’ Help Desk:

Provides customer-friendly content management, fast ticket handling capabilities, and an intelligent task system that automates data entry without an administrator.

2. Amasty Help Desk

One of the most popular support ticket systems for teams of all sizes, enabling you to manage customer interactions through email and phone conversations. It also features advanced management capabilities such as bulk account fetching, attached file uploading, and sending out customizable email templates. 

3. Exto Help Desk

It was designed with a focus on user-friendliness. With access to guaranteed assistance while effortlessly managing tickets, users can also take advantage of Exto’s Note-to-Ticket function. This handy tool gives external agents the ability to view comments as needed – which means you’ll always know who needs what and when! 

Wrapping Up 

Keeping customers happy and ensuring business operations run smoothly are two major goals for any organization. With an automatic ticket system for Magento 2, you can easily manage customer queries and respond quickly with minimum effort, which will provide a positive outcome. 

Moreover, if you want to secure a customized ticketing solution, you must reach out to a Magento 2 development company with expertise in web and eCommerce solutions.