How Adobe Commerce Tools Help You Improve Customer Service Experience

May 10, 2023 | Author: Ashley Brown

Customers always need to be treated with extreme compassion. Customer experience simply implies smooth and clear human interaction. Customer experience is the final outcome of the total number of interactions that happen on an online platform. It relates to all relative aspects of how a customer engages and communicates with the brand they prefer. This includes the entire buying process and post-purchase behaviour that customers receive from a brand. This blog sheds light on how Adobe Commerce tools help in enhancing its customer experience, through its unique tools. It further explains how Adobe Commerce helps in benefitting customer services. 

1. Customer’s action point on self-service features

All customers prefer to solve all issues on their own and they prefer to be less dependent on the brand. Customers usually call the brand’s customer service representatives to resolve whatever problems they have come across. Here in this case Adobe Commerce help in the following ways.

  • Entering personal details such as shipping address and billing
  • Track ongoing orders
  • Checking order history and status
  • Re-order previously ordered products 
  • Submitting product reviews

Apart from this, there are many other features that you must know offered by Adobe Commerce. These are:

  • Create and manage all buyer’s accounts
  • Manage quotes, left out credit and different purchases
  • Define permission and roles
  • Upload CSV files, and order through SKU

2. Prepare Support and FAQ with the page developer

Along with self-service tools, FAQs, support pages, and knowledge bases are excellent ways for customers to find answers to their inquiries without getting in touch with customer service. A website or smartphone app that offers digital self-service is the first resource most customers cite when they have a query, according to about 60% of customers. Since your customer service team might not be able to create and update knowledge bases and FAQ sections on their own with some eCommerce platforms for Magento support services, it can be challenging to keep them up to date.

That’s not the case with Adobe Commerce, thanks to Page Builder. Your team can create new web pages using this effective WYSIWYG editor’s straightforward drag-and-drop features. Even if they lack strong technical abilities or the capacity to comprehend codings like HTML and CSS, your staff can easily create new FAQs and assistance articles, update old material, and guarantee that your customer care resources are up-to-date with Page Builder.

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Adobe Commerce Tools for eCommerce Business

Adobe Commerce provides strong backend tools for customer support agents in addition to fantastic tools for customers. Customers that need assistance from your team will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to resolve their problems promptly and effectively. These tools consist of:

Track order status, details, and cancellation

Customer care agents may get information regarding order status and specifics quickly thanks to the Adobe Commerce Order Management System (OMS). As requested by customers, customer service representatives can easily modify or cancel orders.

Address Modification

Customer care representatives are able to modify shipping addresses swiftly and efficiently, provided that the order has not yet been filled. Because of this, clients can receive their orders without having to cancel and place new ones.

Easy refunds

Customer care representatives can be given permission by administrators to grant refunds, returns, and other gratifications. Even automated refunds can be set up to provide customers with a more simplified service.

Excellent extensibility

Through a variety of APIs, Adobe Commerce provides extensibility with other OMS tools. Integration into the Adobe Commerce backend is easy and uncomplicated if you would prefer a different OMS. 

Page Builder

Using page builders makes managing content easier because they provide a straightforward drag-and-drop capability. Use this content management solution provided by Adobe Commerce to simply create targeted pages with interactive components to engage your consumers.

Shopping Tools

Customers of Magento 2 development company can engage with your business using the shopping capabilities provided by Adobe Commerce, and they can also send product links to their friends via email or connect with you on social media.

Concluding Thoughts

A loyal customer is more likely to return and suggest your company if they are happy with their experience. The likelihood that a customer will remain with you increases with improved customer experience. If you want to remain in business, it’s critical to provide excellent customer service. Negative word of mouth can substantially harm your bottom line in addition to offended consumers taking their business elsewhere.

We can assist you if you would like to learn more about Adobe Commerce in-depth and how Adobe Commerce storefront experiences can help you draw in more customers and boost sales. Get in touch with us to speak with one of our specialists and receive all the information you want.  


What is Adobe Commerce used for?

You can effortlessly integrate shopping experiences across channels with Adobe Commerce, add new brands and websites, grow into new countries, and sell to both companies and consumers from a single platform.

What is Adobe Commerce built with?

The combination of the Magento platform and Adobe Experience Manager might work well for the right retailer. Adobe Commerce Cloud is a potent e-commerce platform.

Is Magento called Adobe Commerce?

Yes. Adobe Commerce has replaced Magento Commerce Cloud as of April 2021. Here is a quick rundown of the many platform names over the years: Adobe Commerce, Magento Enterprise, and Magento Commerce Cloud.