How to get your E-Store Prepared for a 2nd Wave of Coronavirus

October 19, 2020 | Author: Alex Clark

From the start of this year, a global outbreak of Coronavirus happened and nothing has been the same ever since.  The covid epidemic created a lot of challenges in our day-to-day life. On top of that, in autumn, a second and notorious wave of coronavirus is predicted that can cause another shutdown. Even though the Coronavirus has accelerated the eCommerce business by 30%, more than a third of these retailers and E-store owners weren’t prepared for the demand and exponentially increasing traffic. Several Magento eCommerce Development companies are now concerned about a 2nd Coronavirus wave that could hit the market by mid-Autumn.

In the following article, we’re going to look at some ways that could help businesses in minimizing the impact of this 2nd wave and help them in achieving their targeted revenue.

E-Store Prepared for a 2nd Wave of Coronavirus

In reality, after looking at the long term effect, the global lockdown posed an unlimited amount of opportunity for retail stores. It can be said that the eCommerce sector was the one that benefited the most. As per research, a total rise of 30% is observed from Q1 to Q2 in 2020 in the total retail sales. We’ve already discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the eCommerce industry. Today, let’s just focus on how to get ready for the 2nd wave.

Steps to prep for 2nd COVID-19 wave

Ensuring Employees Safety

Ensuring employee’s safety should be your number 1 priority. Several companies are returning to offices now, yet you need to be flexible enough to allow your employees to switch between the WFH regime and in-office work.  In order to achieve this task correctly, it is better to create a checklist for staff safety.

Key points to include in your checklist:

Safety instructions and components like sanitizers, gloves, masks, or shields for delivery personals

  • Advanced Magento 2 Development to make sure your website delivers the correct information and guidelines regarding the safety protocols.
  • Remote Working components like laptops for developers, Network connectivity is required.
  • Real-time Communication tool for your team to stay connected
  • VPN for safe Magento 2 Development

You are allowed to increase the points of the checklist too as per your requirement. Further, try to introduce new training patterns and let your employees know how to tackle the outbreak, physically and mentally.

Stocking Essentials

When the first wave hit the world, we’ll know how hard it was to get a hold of tissue rolls, masks, sanitizers, and other essentials. The lockdown has seen a surge in online shopping making this the new normal, and on top of that, the holiday season is here. Consumers are going to horde your platform with demands.

Therefore, it is essential for you to replenish your stock to meet the ends. Check if all your suppliers are able to fulfill the customer’s demands or not. Also, consider introducing some new extensions like Dropshipping, Advanced MSI, DOut Of Stock Indicator in your Magento-based platform to enhance the user interaction.

Upgrading the Store

Upgrading the store is an important step, not only for the 2nd wave but in general also. Remember the rise in Traffic you experience during the lockdown. This time make sure your server has enough capacity to handle the traffic during peak time. If required, take professional help from, Hire Magento 2 developers, to optimize your hosting.

Optimize your platform by auditing each and every component such as the JS, CSS, HTML coding, etc. Spend time on Optimizing your platforms Images, enhance the Speed as well as create an SEO friendly platform, ensure responsiveness of the platform. The large community of Magento also extends Magento 2 Support to make sure your platform is up to the market standards. Hence, it keeps on releasing new upgrades, Magento 2.4in this case.

Make sure you are updated on the latest Magento 2.4 platform to take the benefits beforehand.

Financial Review

The final step is to analyze your financial situations. Assess the finances and ask  yourself these important questions:

  • How long can you sustain with the amount you have left?
  • What can you do to extend this time?
  • What safety cushion do you have?

Flexibility in terms of finance offers you to assess any situation better and make the required amends according to needs. Create a safety bucket and store some funds in that as a backup plan. Make sure that you can sustain without revenue for as long as 6 months.

Wrapping Up

These steps are not only for you to sustain the Covid-19 second wave but also to build a positive brand image. The times are uncertain and we can’t speculate what challenges we might face in the coming months. What we can do is learn from our previous experiences and use it to prepare ourselves for what’s coming. We at Agento Support are also following these steps to make sure we deliver our promises to our global clientele. We’re here to support your business at any time. Get in touch with our experts and avail of exceptional Magento Support to enhance your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1. Why is Magento better for eCommerce Development?

Magento is better and popular due to its flexibility and security for the eCommerce Platform. On top of that, it offers exceptional customer support to make sure you develop a highly secure, robust, and scalable platform.

Q2. Is Magento Free for eCommerce development?

Magento Open Source is the free version developed for SMBs and developers. Development of eCommerce Platform can be achieved in the Open Source version provided it is for small to medium businesses. For large enterprises, the enterprise version is more suited for eCommerce development.

Q3. What is the future of Magento?

Magento, despite receiving tough competition from Shopify, still holds its position in the market.  And since Adobe’s acquisition of Magento happened, it started to gain lost users more frequently.