Is Magento Good for B2B? – Features and Pricing

June 21, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

Magento has been the prime option for eCommerce traders— huge or minor. Although traditionally, this strong forum was supported by B2C dealers, the new edition of Magento 2 drastically altered the market with power-packed characteristics, modified for B2B industries. By availing of Magento 2 development services from a prominent agency, you can effortlessly alter your stock, making it ravishing and intuitive. 

In the new realm, eCommerce is surging, and maximum B2B marketings are arising online. As an outcome, B2B eCommerce areas that procedure orders digitally compel a strong and safe platform to maximize deals. Thankfully, several eCommerce platforms enable industries to simplify their online systems, and Magento is one such arena. 

This eCommerce arena is an influential system for both B2B and B2C sites. 

Magento B2B

What is the Magento eCommerce Platform?

Magento is a complicated e-commerce software network that excels in excellence and functionality and is aimed at thriving big businesses; also, it may be extremely entangled for minor industries. 

Magento gives almost endless customization likelihoods. Although this process may seem frightening at first, the final commodity is great and individualized. Nevertheless, drag-and-drop tools and simple editors make arranging commodities and editing pages delightful and modest. Many companies provide Magento eCommerce development services 

Magento Commerce 

Magento Commerce is a fortified edition of the open-source arena intended for bigger industries. If an open-source platform compels users to create everything from the surface up, Magento is a PaaS.  

Magento will take care of several portions of your site, such as hosting and safety, and customize it to your specifications. The website can furthermore attain its entire functionality and scalability capacity. 

What is Magento Commerce for B2B? 

Magento is certainly an enterprise-instructed e-commerce platform. It is utilized by both B2B and B2C businesses due to its adaptable essence and tremendous functionality. 

However, Magento is generously fitted for bigger industries. You’ll require some programming abilities to introduce and drive it, and if you need anything more than the fundamental free capacities, you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars for a month. 

Characteristics of B2B Magento Commerce  

Magento Commerce has constructed its particular remedies for B2B businesses, with highlighted B2B – particular characteristics as the given below: 

1. Drag and Drop Merchandising 

The drag and drop characteristic is tremendous for conditions when you require to govern the order of merchandise on the front end. It conserves the administration a lot of time that would contrarily be expended on the dreary job of organizing commodities on the front end. 

This characteristic boosts fundamental Magento capacities and enables a stockholder to rapidly and efficiently rearrange merchandise orders and manage classifications. Admins can drag and drop merchandise from one place to another in this expansion to categorize them into classes.

As the product strides across the grid, the positions of other items differ dynamically, and when the mouse is discharged, the products retrieve to their actual positions. 

2. Responsive Design 

B2B customers demand spontaneous, mobile-optimized knowledge for seamless investment knowledge, much like B2C customers. You can build responsive and intuitively constructed e-commerce websites with Magento B2B e-commerce, enabling shoppers to place orders promptly and conveniently from any appliance, at any moment. 

You can run digital modification, generate new enterprises to market quicker, enhance customer belief, and thrive income with seamless purchasing. 

3. Quick Order

You can facilitate early and effective placement and improve deals with Magento’s comprehensive purchase characteristics. Customers can either arrive at stock-keeping units promptly, utilize requisition schedules, or duplicate an earlier order for fast checkout.   

4. Progressive Analytics Insights 

B2B websites need additional private and in-depth analytical antidotes because each consumer is different, regardless of whether they order the exact merchandise. It is essential to have an industry analytics software that enables you to trace key performance indicators according to particular catalogues, efforts, agreements, etc.  

5. Credit Limit 

Online B2B marketings are heavily reliant on credit. You may increase your consumer associations by enabling them to inspect utilizing their credit balance. You can utilize Magento to conserve all of your payment and investment transactions and appoint credit restrictions to loyal consumers. 

6. Quotation System  

B2B marketing comprises negotiations, and Magento has a strong quotation system that enables customers to request a quotation. Consumers can utilize a streamlined plea to mail citation requests and rate discussions; they can strengthen things in their shopping wagon, begin the quote negotiation procedure, and have their credit paid back as soon as a payment is finished. 

7. Content Staging 

Presume your area has many highs and lows in deals and industry throughout the year. In that possibility, Magento’s content staging method can assist you to create an active product page that revamps on a predetermined list. eCommerce holders can develop several editions of material for coming updates and effortlessly build previews, and plan a broad spectrum of content updates. 

8. Magento’s Pricing 

Pricing evolves harder. Even though the fundamental edition is free to download and open source, you’ll be required to boost to a paid version for driving anything more than a simple do-it-yourself enterprise.

9. Magento Open-Source Pricing 

Magento 2 open source is a free version of Magento 2. This version can be downloaded and utilized to build your Magento stock.  

10. Magento Commerce Pricing 

In discrepancy, Magento commerce is a paid edition. The Magento commerce starter proposal is the cheapest paid proposal at $22,000/year.  


Magento is differentiated from its opponents by its reliability, scalability, and customizability. Magento is an outstanding forum for B2B objectives, despite specific differences in B2B functionality between the open-source and commerce versions. For further details, hire Magento 2 developers 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the services in eCommerce websites?

Ans. Content management, reliable database management, robust platforms, superior browsing experience, e-commerce SEO, and advanced analytics are some of them.  

2. Is Magento good for eCommerce?

Ans. Magento is a reasonable multi-channel eCommerce arena as it is rapid, optimized, and user-friendly.

3. Should I learn WordPress or Magento?

Ans. Magento is adequate for running deals, while WordPress is good for trading your website or online stock.