List of 6 Top Magento Inventory Management Extensions & Features

October 19, 2023 | Author: Ashley Brown

Top Magento Inventory Management Extension


Managing a retail business can be complex at times due to having manifold operations running at the same time. Managing customers, keeping a close check on the inventory, handling orders, shipping quickly, and the list goes on. Thankfully with the advancement of technology, it has become possible for eCommerce companies to automate manifold operations with ease. Concerning the same, taking care of your store’s inventory is no longer a hassle. Especially, with the help of a top Magento inventory management extension available in a wide range for your assistance.

So, here in this blog, our primary focus will be on choosing the best inventory management extension as part of your Magento eCommerce development services hired from a reliable partner.

A short introduction to Magento inventory management

Just like other extension services like Magento POS integration services, security patch installation, multi-store development, and more, inventory management extension is an integral part of your online retail store. This particular extension helps you keep a close watch on all the products lying in the inventory across different demographics. To be precise, here we have the key highlights of inventory management extension.

  • Flexibility to take care of your eCommerce store inventory from diverse locations.
  • Easy to connect multiple warehouses to ensure end-to-end analysis.
  • Make changes across warehouses from a single source itself.
  • Set an alert for low-stock in any of the warehouses or inventory outlets of your choice.
  • Computerize the stock control across different product spaces.

Why is an inventory management system important for you?

Keeping a close check on your product inventory is an essential matter to ensure proper stock availability which further leads to offering products to customers. With the help of a trusted eCommerce web development company in Dallas, experience the flexibility to integrate the inventory management extension and take care of the following things.

  • Prevent shortage of products by always keeping the stock.
  • Improve cash flow by providing the required products in the inventory to customers at any point in time.
  • Have an exact idea of when to ship products to customers by having the required stock. Also, get to know the whereabouts of products in a particular warehouse.
  • Track your Magento-based eCommerce store stock to ensure the presence of required products and deliver the same to customers.
  • Anticipate the sales of products lying in the inventory and foresee the sale in the future.

Top six inventory management systems to consider for eCommerce website

In this blog, we will be referring to the list of six top Magento inventory management extensions for your online product store.

Inventory by Magestore

It is one of the popular Magento 2 inventory management extensions for online retailers to keep complete track of inventory present across multiple sources. Merchants have the flexibility to maintain the required products in the inventory and prevent further overhead costs with ease.

Key features of Inventory by Magestore

  • Easy to sync inventory across multiple sales channels.
  • Simple to manage stock with barcode scanning.
  • Transfer, manage, and count the product in all inventories across spaces.
  • Keep the inventory data updated.
  • Create inventory-related reports for end-to-end analysis.
  • Customize the open-source system.

Inventory by Amnasty

Another useful and top Magento inventory management extension is an inventory by Amnasty. With the help of this tool, retailers need not spend much cost on additional resources and devote extra time to managing the inventory. For the reference, here’s the list of features.

  • Easy to distribute inventory across multiple warehouses.
  • Specify each warehouse view and group of customers.
  • Simple to apply smart algorithms to select a particular warehouse.
  • Customize different delivery methods.
  • Install functionality to separate orders obtained from different warehouses.

Inventory by Aitoc

For retailers having more than two warehouses, an inventory management extension by Amnasty is an ideal one to choose from. With the help of this extension, you can allow customers to order products from the nearby shipping store and experience fast delivery with ease. Here, we have the list of features.

  • Easy to generate unlimited inventory of your eCommerce store.
  • Split the stock based on inventory to have a clear view.
  • Choose warehouse automatically.
  • Auto notify related to low stock availability over email.
  • The extension is 100% open-source in nature.

Inventory by Boostmyshop

There is no such need to manually inspect all the goods lying in your inventory. With the help of inventory by Bootstrap, you have the flexibility to manage all inventory-related tasks with ease. With the help of this tool, you can effectively manage the inventory and list of all the products.

Key features:

  • Manage multiple stocks from multiple warehouses.
  • Admin has the flexibility to keep track of all inventories.
  • Forecast the sales pattern.

Inventory by Iwdagency

Magento 2 multi-store-based extension helps you manage the inventory belonging to a distinctive line of product vendors attached to your eCommerce store. This tool allows you to automatically manage the inventory and experience the following few features.

  • Keep close track of products from different stock sources.
  • Successful implementation of orders.
  • Follow multiple stocks with ease and comfort.

Inventory Magenest

Last but not least, inventory Magenest is another ideal choice you have for managing the Magento-based eCommerce store inventory.

  • Determine the location and information related to multiple warehouses.
  • Transfer products from one warehouse to another.
  • Connect different shipping methods to ensure seamless product deliveries.
  • Easy to display the details of different product warehouses.

Concluding Thoughts

Running a successful online retail store comes with manifold roles and responsibilities to take care of. Managing product inventory is one of the important aspects to ensure required products are there to meet customer requirements. For your Magento store, integrate the best inventory management extension with the help of Magento 2 extension development services availed from a reliable company like Agento Support. Hire Professional Magento developers in Dallas from this company to create your eCommerce store right from scratch and enable the required inventory management extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Magento 2 Warehouse Extension?

As the name itself implies, this extension is an additional functionality for your eCommerce store to manage the inventory automatically from a single-based dashboard. It allows you to conveniently manage the range of products and ensure seamless delivery ahead.

2. What are the types of inventories managed by extension?

Majorly, you can manage inventories like that of Raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods with the help of Magento inventory management extension.

3. What are the four methods in eCommerce inventory management?

The four methods include The First in, First Out Methods (FIFO), The Last in, first out method (LIFO), the Specific Identification method, and the Weighted Average Method.