Magento 2 Extensions List to Boost Your Sales

November 16, 2020 | Author: Ashley Brown

Magento 2 has been making rounds in merchants’ life for quite some time. Magento has also become a one-stop solution for eCommerce Platform development. Several big names in this industry have already adopted this framework to leverage the extensive set of features offered by Magento 2. On top of that, Magento’s eCommerce platform is not just for 1 kind of product but can be used to sell any type of product from different industries. There are some tools that are useful by one merchant but not so much for another industry. Hence, it becomes hard for the Magento community as well to satisfy the needs of every merchant. This is where Magento 2 Extensions development comes in place.

There are more than 3000 Magento 2 extensions available in the Magento marketplace that can be used by anyone to satisfy their store’s requirements. That’s one way to get things done, Another would be to invest in hiring Magento 2 developers for custom Magento 2 Extensions Development. Overall, get extensions either this way or that, one thing is clear, Extensions are important and you’ve to use them to create engagement and over your platform and to offer something extra and unique to your consumers. Here, we’ve listed out some of the major and most used Magento 2 Extensions that would definitely help you in enhancing the User experience over your platform.

Extensions That boost your Sales

Magento 2 Extension List to Boost Your Sales

Shopping Mentor Magento 2

The very first extension in our list is the Shopping Mentor Magento 2 that is used to guide your consumers. eCommerce stores have a wide range of products that sometimes makes customers confused. Shopping Mentor Magento 2 helps your customers to navigate easily within your eCommerce platform.

This extension allows merchants to integrate their system with forms that ask a list of questions from their customers to understand their shopping behavior and then show them relevant products based on users’ preferences.


Marketing your platform requires a lot of investment, and without any onsite marketing practices, your investment will go in vain. Hence, to advance and enhance the marketing capacity of your platform, Beeketing is one such extension that can be used. Beeketing is a Magento 2 Marketing Automation Extension that focuses on your Onsite marketing and enhancing your conversion rate.

Beeketing outstanding features include Upsell and Cross-sell functionality that is equipped with an AI facility that helps you automate the upsell strategy. It allows you to target your leaving customers and allows you to prevent abandoned carts with new offers.

Advance Report Magento 2

Monitoring your solutions sales and performance manually can be exhausting and time-consuming. Advance Report Magento 2 extension acts as a powerful analytical and performance measuring tool that helps you in designing a powerful, sales-driven, and create analysis based on data to create a marketing strategy further improving your platform and take it to the next level.

This extension also shares the report on your mail-id. Hence, setting you free from all the tedious task of gathering information and creating a report, so that you can focus more on enhancing the capabilities of the platform.

Paypal Multi-Currency support

Magento store changes the selected currency to the base currency, which confuses most of the customers. With PayPal’s Multi-Currency Magento 2 Extension, your users will be able to make payment in the currency they wish, eventually enhancing the user experience.

It’ll further improve your revenue as consumers will find it easy and more convenient to pay in their desired currency.

Wrapping Up

Magento has already enhanced a lot of its functionality in Magento 2 upgrade. It is now a lot easier to navigate through the system than before. The extensions are more compatible now making them more useful to merchants. If you haven’t updated your system from Magento 1 to Magento 2, Now would be the right time. Go for Magento Upgrade services offered by Agento Support to migrate your system from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Agento Support offers extraordinary Magento 2 development services including custom Magento 2 Extension Development, allowing you to add new functionality within your system and enhancing your system abilities.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1. What is Magento Extension?

Installing Magento Extensions are similar to installing an application in your mobile system. Smartphones are equipped with a lot of functionalities, but still, we need some more to enhance the user experience. Similarly, in Magento, Extensions are treated as an application that once integrated, enhances the performance of the system.

Q2. Where can we find Magento Extensions?

Magento Extensions can be found at Magento Marketplace or any Third-party provider.

Q3. Is Magento 2 Slow?

No, Magento 2 is only slow if you are using it wrong, Such as if you are hosting your platform on a shared hosting site or Using improper Magento Configuration makes your platform slow.