Magento 2 Payment Gateway Integration

Magento is the most popular E-commerce CMS. It is particularly designed for the online selling business. Luckily, Magento offers easy integration of the payment gateways. A payment gateway is a platform that helps in executing online transactions. People prefer websites having a secure payment gateway unless you will lose potential customers. Your store has COD service as well but it is not the best choice for buyers due to multiple reasons, however, paying through debit and credit cards are the better options.

Magento 2 payment gateway executes a transaction in a similar fashion as a physical selling method. It connects the seller account with the bank account for processing the payment. Without proper integration, a customer is not able to make a payment. Offline payment problems can be addressed easily but what about online payments? Therefore it is very important to get a secure payment gateway. Here, at AgentoSupport you will get top-rated payment gateway integration service from experienced developers.

Magento 2 payment gateway

Magento Payment Gateway Integration Services Offered

1. Authorize.Net is the most popular payment gateway and is in the market since 1996. It has provided gateway services to over 10K merchants since its launch. It is highly secure as it has an advanced fraud detection tool that scans fraud related to business.

2. PayPal
PayPal is a name that requires no introduction and is not admired for its popularity only but is also the most reliable and secure one available in the market. It is the first choice of millions of renowned E-commerce brands and is preferred by buyers as well.

3. Stripe
It is quite new in the Magento payment gateway list, but the popularity it has gained in a very short time is highly appreciated. Stripe has helped thousands of brands in building their business every payment processed is the proof of how secure and smooth it is.

4. SecurePay
It was incepted in the year 1997 and has become the preferred choice of store owners with its highly secure online shopping cart, credit card and mobile payment services. It is compatible with a wide range of online shopping cart providers.

5. Amazon Payments
To speed up the Magento Payment Processing, store owners can invest in Amazon Payments. It is a fast, simple, and trustworthy platform to integrate. It comes with multiple payment packages as per the requirement of a merchant.

6. Sage Pay
Sage Pay is a leading payment gateway for all E-commerce business enterprises. Sage Pay can be integrated with your Magento store in just a few minutes without any error. It offers payment services instantly and is designed to meet your needs.

Features of Magento Payment Gateway Integration Offered by AgentoSupport

  • Currency Conversion
  • Custom Payment Gateway Service
  • Real-Time Authorization & Transaction Check
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Safe & Smooth Transactions For Your Clients
  • Implementing International Payments
  • Magento 2 Payment Gateway Extension
  • Secured Payment Gateway

Why Choose AgentoSupport as Your Magento Payment Gateway Integration Partner?

  • We utilize every Magento CMS resource to create a simple yet robust payment gateway integration system.
  • Our developers make appropriate use of Magento architecture to create a trustworthy and secure payment process.
  • We make sure that your E-commerce store support payment for all debit and credit card payments, across the globe.
  • Our team has skilled Magento developers to establish world class payment gateway integration.
  • We AgentoSupport provide Magento 2 payment integration at a reasonable cost for the clients.
  • We believe in providing all kinds of payment gateway services for your online store to boost ROI and conversion rates.
  • Our objective is to integrate multiple payment options to your shopping cart and website to fulfill the needs of your clients.
  • AgentoSupport is best known for building Magento 2 Payment Gateways Extension to enhance the performance of the integrated payment modules.
  • Our Magento Professionals are available to meet your requirements and E-commerce store challenges. Our expert provides Magento 2 extension and plugins for the currency conversion as well as the Magento multi-store integration.

    Industries We Serve

    We offer Magento 2 Payment Integration to the following industries.

  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Transport

In short, we are like your one-stop destination for every payment gateway integration service. We believe in offering affordable solutions to our clients because we know buyers need uniqueness and multiple payment options and thus keeping all options integrated is the need of the hour. Customer satisfaction is important to us and to ensure that a dedicated professional is assigned to each client project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Magento a payment gateway?

Payment gateways make it easy for you to accept the credit card payments straight from your store. Magento Commerce supports multiple payment gateways that offer store owners services in all parts of the world.

2. Does Magento 2 have a saved credit card payment method?

Magento 2 Saved Credit Card extension allows the merchants to save the customers’ credit card details for offline activities as well as smooth checkout for future payments. Key Features: Saves credit card information in an encrypted manner. By using the saved credit card details online and offline order can be processed at later stages as well.

3. How do I change my payment method in Magento 2?

Open the “Sales” tab and tap on “Payment Methods” where you can easily access all default payment methods. Open “Bank Transfer Payment” to configure it on your E-commerce store. Here you can find multiple options to configure the payment method. Enable Option to enable or disable the bank transfer payment method.

4. How do I add PayPal to my Magento 2?

You can easily do PayPal integration:

  • Log in to the Magento 2 Admin Panel.
  • Open Magento 2 Configuration Page.
  • Open Payment Methods.
  • Select Target Country.
  • Configuration of PayPal.
  • Basic PayPal Settings.
  • Advance PayPal Settings.
  • Save the Configuration.