Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Development

Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition is a managed hosting platform for Magento 2 Enterprise. It has a variety of features that relieve the hassles related to configurations, security, performance or more.

Magento Cloud Development

Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition Brings a Range of Features Including:

  • High availability

  • Scalability

  • Automated patching

  • PCI compliance

Why AgentoSupport For Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Development Requirements?

AgentoSupport team has extensive experience with the following Magento development practices and skills that are imperative for Magento Cloud Development :

  • Use of Git and Jira/Bitbucket for version control and issue management.

  • Knowledge of Magento 2 EE and Composer.

  • Experience with best practices for Continuous Integration and the use of Bitbucket Pipelines for ensuring code quality and delivery which helps us in the building, testing, and deploying bug-free code.

  • Familiarity with all the three Magento 2 Cloud Development Systems namely, integration, staging, and production.

  • Use of Vagrant for the local development environment.

You will be required to create a Magento account and buy a license to develop a project on Magento 2 Cloud edition; this will include a Magento 2 Enterprise License. The setup is relatively easy from the developer perspective. All that has to be done is to create different environments from the Cloud admin page and access the code from the Magento-cloud cl tool.

Git is used for version control. By deploying to the master branch, you deploy to the production environment, which is done by Magento-cloud cli for you after the changes are pushed. With an Enterprise service, you get several additional server-related features and as a merchant, you need not deal with hosting. Additionally, the platform comes with an integrated CDN,, and New Relic. The infrastructure is set up on the AWS cloud server, which is preferred by a majority of the merchants these days.

For discussing Magento 2 Cloud Development and Magento Support Service with us, fill the contact us form and we will get back to discuss the project’s details.