Magento Open Source Platform How To Start eCommerce Journey?

September 5, 2023 | Author: Ashley Brown

Are you looking to start your eCommerce journey through the Magento Open Source platform? If yes, then you have accessed the right blog to gather the required information.

Undoubtedly, Magento Open Source is a powerful and feature-rich platform for creating an online commerce website to get started with your online retail journey. One of the popular eCommerce solutions for companies to transform their physical retail store into an online portal. With the help of the top Magento development company in the USA, you can create your eCommerce site to start selling a wide range of products.

So, here in this blog, you will find information as to why Magento Open Source is beneficial to start your online commerce journey. Also, get to know its benefits and compare it with Adobe Commerce which is better known for an enterprise-level solution.

What is Magento eCommerce?

Magento Open Source is free to access eCommerce platform, powered by Magento and available since 2008. Several brands have adopted the result-oriented virtues of Magento open source to create a profitable commerce site and experience a vast range of product sales.

Although, Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise Edition) is also available in the digital world. It is meant to create large-size and enterprise-level fully customized eCommerce websites with robust features. On the contrary, Magento open source is cost-effective in terms of end-to-end development and even affordable to hire Magento developers in Dallas.

Key virtues of Magento open source

  • Best for small enterprises to start with a profitable eCommerce website.
  • Robust eCommerce solution with having stringent security measures.
  • Customized online storefronts to create any sort of functionality.
  • Fully PCI compliant to protect the payment information of customers.
  • Regular updates and frequent support to take care of the bugs and functional inaccuracies.

Difference between Magento Open Source & Adobe Commerce

At times, you face a dilemma in choosing between Magento open source and Adobe Commerce platform. Well, both belong to Magento, but still there are some differences. To have a better understanding, let’s look at the pros of Magento open source and Magento Commerce better known as Adobe Commerce.

Advantages of Magento Open Source

  • Magento Open Source is an affordable option to get started with eCommerce development for the very first time.
  • Easy to customize the store as per the required features and functionalities.
  • Freedom to choose any service provider for the development of the platform.
  • Flexibility to install any of the third-party extensions to bring robust features.
  • Simple to receive assistance from an extended community of Magento developers.

Advantages of Adobe Commerce

  • Create a multi-brand online store on Adobe Commerce and display a wide range of products belonging to a distinctive set of brands.
  • Adobe Commerce allows you to create a B2B eCommerce platform with having robust set of features, multiple integrations, accounts, purchase orders, and more.
  • One of the significant advantages of Adobe Commerce is the Business Intelligence tool that allows you to visualize sales patterns. It further helps generate reports, perform analysis, know the average order value, and more.

Benefits of Magento Open Source for eCommerce Development

Now, we come to an important point of discussion as to why choose Magento open source for creating an online retail store. Well, the answer lies in the following few benefits that will compel you to avail of Magento 2 development services from a reliable partner.

  • Open-Source Platform: As we have already discussed, Magento Open Source is a free-to-access platform. All you need is the reliable assistance of a Magento developer to create effective functionalities and integrations.
  • PWA Architecture: The seamless architecture of Magento Open Source allows you to experience the capabilities of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). With that means, you can display your eCommerce store more like a native mobile app to capture the attention of customers. With PWA architecture, you tend to improve user experience with fast loading speed, push notifications, offline mode accessibility, and more.
  • Multi-Platform Integration: There is complete flexibility to integrate any choice of third-party integration in the store. It depends on the required choice of functionality required in the store.
  • SEO-Friendly Functionality: To experience more conversion, it is essential to increase visibility and overall website traffic. To do the same, the Magento Open Source platform offers incredible SEO capabilities and features to increase the richness of your platform.
  • Complete Reporting & Analytics: With Magento Open Source, experience the flexibility to create multiple reports. It includes sales, tax, purchase orders, low stock, search terms, abandoned shopping carts, coupon usage, product reviews, and other reports.

Key Steps to Get Started with Magento eCommerce Development

With the help of strategic and result-oriented eCommerce development services, start with Magento open-source creation, based on the following steps.

  • Step 1: Share your requirements with a Magento development company.
  • Step 2: Start creating a roadmap based on the features & functionalities required.
  • Step 3: Do the initial design of the platform.
  • Step 4: List all the required features and integrations.
  • Step 5: Add all the relevant products along with the related information.
  • Step 6: Get started with the platform and start selling products to customers.


Choose Magento open source for the development of your small to medium-sized eCommerce website. Add relevant features, integration, and other things as integral parts of Magento 2 development services offered by a reliable company. Also, count on the expert Magento developers available at the Agento Support website and meet requirements with ease.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your eCommerce business journey with Magento open source and Agento Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Magento open source and free to access?

Yes, Magento open source is a free-to-access eCommerce platform to start developing a customized website of your choice.

2. How long does it take to create an eCommerce site on Magento?

Well, the timeline depends on your business requirement, number of products, listings, and keeping other things into consideration.

3. How much is the cost of Magento open source?

There is no such cost involved in the process of accessing the Magento open-source platform. All you have to pay is for the design and development part.

4. Which is better Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source?

Both are best in terms of creating a required eCommerce website depending on your business size. If you want to just get started with the eCommerce business, then rely on Magento open source. On the other side, Adobe Commerce is best for enterprise-level companies.