List of Most Common Magento 2 Issues with Respective Solution in 2023

December 20, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

The demand for an E-commerce business model is gaining the attention of several market players across the globe. People prefer buying online as it is convenient, safe & cost-effective. The E-commerce industry is advancing at a rapid pace because of the increased usage of mobile devices. Multiple platforms are available in the market for e-commerce development, but Magento CMS’s features make it the preferred choice. However, the developers have reported development challenges with the Magento CMS. If you’re looking to move ahead with Magento 2 development services, then there are multiple challenges that need to get fixed. The challenges seem annoying that often make the business enterprise look for consultation from professional developers. In this blog post, you will learn about the major Magento 2 issues faced during the E-commerce website development.

Major Magento 2 Issues Faced by the Developers

1. Slow Loading

Magento 2 is recommended for its performance. But slow loading is a common Magento 2 issue faced by e-commerce developers. This results in cart abandonment, increased bounce rates, limited page elements and loss in sales. You can resolve this by reaching an experienced team of developers for solutions.


1. Update Magento Version

This is the easiest approach to speed up an e-commerce website yet bring desired results. With the integration of the latest version, the performance, bugs, and security patches will automatically get improved.

2. Enable Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache is a built-in functionality of Magento 2 supporting you to shorten the time of serving requests of the server. This ultimately reduces your site’s response time, resulting in immediate loading.

2. Reset Magento Admin Password

In case the password is lost or need to reset it for advanced security, there are simple ways Magento support services recommend to implement addressing your security concern.


1. Account Setting

  • From the back-end panel, navigate to System then Permissions and click All Users.
  • Here you’ll get a proper list of all currently available users. Select the user that you need to reset the password.
  • Add a new password and confirm. With “Current user identity verification”, add your new password then press Save Account.
  1. Using Default Recovery System

  • Open “Admin Panel”
  • Click “Forgot Password”
  • Add the E-mail address registered with Magento and click the “Retrieve password”
  • Open the link in your mail, type in your new password, and press “Reset”
  1. Generate 301 Redirects

301 Redirect permanently leads the IP to the new address. Besides, this function also supports rewriting the URL. Thus, it makes your e-commerce store properly web-structured and SEO-optimized.


There are often multiple ways Magento 2 development company implement to generate a 301 redirect for your website.

  1. Generate 301 redirect using .htacess

  • If Module mod_rewrite.c>
  • Enable rewrites
  • Options + FollowSymlinks
  • RewriteEngine on

Next, add:

  • redirect 301 old_url new_url
  • URLs use relative paths
  • For example, redirect 301 /old.html / new.html
  1. Magento “Access Denied” Problem

Magento “Access Denied” is a common error that happens when permission is not present to access the web pages. Common reasons for these issues are:

  • Wrong role assignment when the user is created.
  • Wrong admin login credentials.

Firstly log out and log in to your Magento account and reset the admin privileges. If you still face challenges accessing, check out these solutions.


1. Role Assignment during New User Creation

Once you add a new user from the admin panel, it is easy to forget to assign a proper role. In this scenario, click open System> Permissions > User > Click on user > User roles and correct the access right.

2. Correct Admin Login Credentials

The most popular reason for facing “Access Denied” is incorrect information when login to the admin panel. If you try to sign out and login again still facing challenges, use the below command to reset the password:

UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password` = MD5(‘PASSWORD’) WHERE `username` = ‘USERNAME’;

5. Issues in JavaScript and CSS

Most visitors reach the website and leave due to the slow loading speed. There are several components, but JavaScript and CSS are crucial factors that need proper assistance.

It is essential to reduce the JavaScript and CSS files by merging them into a single file. This will eliminate the line breaks and additional space in the coding and create continuous lines of text.


  1. Optimizing the JS and CSS

  • Log in to the Magento 2 Backend and redirect to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer
  • Redirect to the relevant Storeview with the support of the switcher on the top of the ribbon. If needed, you can support merging the store separately.
  • Explore the JavaScript Settings and enable the option Merge JavaScript files
  • Save the changes
  • Flush Cache at System > Cache Management

Optimizing the JS and CSS results in faster loading of the web pages, and you can also hire Magento 2 developer to handle issues.

So, these are the most common Magento 2 issues faced by developers during e-commerce development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Magento 2 work?

Magento 2 empowers store owners with better speed and improved productivity. Featuring over 50% faster page load speeds across catalogue and checkout pages, performance lies at the heart to enhance the customer experience and growing conversion rates. In addition, a secure payment mechanism is offered to the users. This has resulted in stupendous growth in Magento 2 migration services among e-commerce brands.

2. What is the biggest challenge in E-commerce?

To keep up with competitors, it is important to know the biggest challenges in E-commerce.

  • Higher customer expectations.
  • Expanded customer options.
  • Increased difficulty in attracting customers.
  • Increased importance in using technologies to automate.
  • Continued uncertainty.
  1. How can E-commerce challenges be overcome?

  • Opt for Flexible Technology.
  • Support Cross-border and Global Sales.
  • Adopt a Mobile-First Approach.
  • Create a Seamless Brand Experience.
  • Integrate Advanced Analytics.
  • Experiment with Ideas.
  1. What is Magento Marketplace?

Magento Marketplace is the next-generation application store offering merchants solutions and providing qualified developers with the tools, platform, and prime location to build a thriving business.

  1. What is the benefit of availing of your Magento 2 migration service?

We are an experienced & reputed Magento support agency with a team of professionals and years of experience in E-commerce. A team of dedicated & professional Magento 2 developers will perform the migration without losing any data with complete backup service.

  1. What will be the consequence of not migrating to Magento 2?

Adobe will not release any security patch for Magento 1. So a huge risk will be there regarding the security threats and you won’t be able to leverage the advantages of amazing features of Magento’s latest version.

Wrapping Up:

So, these are some of the Magento 2 issues. However, it’s a fact that most e-commerce giants are in favor of this innovative CMS. The E-commerce industry is expanding at a rapid pace and numerous international enterprises are making considerable investments in launching online stores.

This has increased the demand for consulting Magento 2 development companies for professional developer services. If you’re planning to build an online store, then you should make sure that you’re prepared for all the key Magento challenges and build a responsive e-commerce store.