Short Guide on Magento Breadcrumbs, Features, Types, and Important Things

November 15, 2021 | Author: Ashley Brown

Have you ever heard about Magento Breadcrumbs?

Well, if you have an eCommerce website running successfully on the Magento Store platform, then Magento Breadcrumbs is an important term for you to understand.

Simply speaking, it is a specialized functionality that helps to improve the SEO of your site, enhance UX, and increase sales patterns.

There is something more to understand about Magento Breadcrumbs based on the following few touchpoints.

A. What are Magento Breadcrumbs?
B. Different Types of Magento Breadcrumbs
C. Uses of Magento Breadcrumbs
D. Things to Remember While Setting Up
E. Navigational Points
F. Steps to Implement Breadcrumbs
G. Final Note

What are Magento Breadcrumbs?

Magento Breadcrumbs is a specialized functionality available on the Magento platform to showcase the path to the products. It helps in creating a navigation flow of content to identify a certain category, subcategory, or any other attribute of the product.

Thus, by using the product category or sub-category, customers will get to know on which page they are accessing the store. Based on that, customers make the final purchase of products and increase the business profit.

Short Guide on Magento Breadcrumbs

Different Types of Magento Breadcrumbs

While getting into Magento eCommerce development, breadcrumbs are essential functionality to look into. And, that too based on the following few types.

1. Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs

Have you ever thought about the navigational flow on an eCommerce website? If not, then look at below:

Magento Store>>Products>>Category>>Subcategory>>Preferred Choice of Products>>Add to Cart>>Checkout>>Make Payment>> Order Confirmed.

The above is what appears to be a product-related navigational flow that can be implemented on the Magento platform by using Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs.

This particular functionality helps create a strategical hierarchy of products that allows users to easily search the same and buy.

2. History-Based Breadcrumbs

You might be aware of this feature of the Magento eCommerce website when you can go to the previous search products or history. It is the history-bread breadcrumbs that allow customers to look at their history, find the last searched products, and quickly purchase the same.

The most important element of history-based breadcrumbs is allowing customers to see the previously searched products on the homepage itself.

3. Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs:

As the name itself implies, attribute-based breadcrumbs showcase the products based on particular attributes. It could be like gender, size, pattern, color, price, review, and other attributes.

By implementing the functionality of this attribute, as a part of your Magento 2 extension development process, you can enter as many attributes as you want.

Uses of Magento Breadcrumbs

Especially from the search engine optimization perspective, here, we have the multiple uses of breadcrumbs of the Magento platform.

  • It improves the overall user experience and behavior pattern to find the right products quickly.
  • It is a much-needed part of internal linking that helps search engines to index the pages better and much faster.
  • It is implemented as a snippet on the website on the Search Engine Result Pages. Thus, it allows users to find the desired choice of section instantly.

Things to Remember While Setting Up

Setting up Magento Breadcrumbs on your Magento Store is simple. But do you know the effectiveness of adding this extra navigation force to your platform?

Well, we tell you here based on the following points.

  • As you already know the functionality of Magento Breadcrumbs helps to add seamless navigation flow to your eCommerce site. Thus, it allows customers to navigate easily through different categories of products by merely clicking on the icon.
  • Specially located on the top of the platform, Magento Breadcrumbs make navigation goes unobtrusive. Ultimately, customers find more products swiftly and make more purchases to increase the brand’s revenue.
  • From the SEO perspective, breadcrumbs will enhance the searchability and traffic of the platform. Only, if the elements are structured logically and connected together.

Navigational Points

There are a few navigational points to remember while implementing the functionality of Magento breadcrumbs.

1. Make sure to implement the horizontal stripe of the breadcrumb on the top of the page. Although you can use a vertical stripe, it will not be that useful.
2. Understand the fact that Magento breadcrumbs are a navigational feature that shapes up the user behavior towards the eCommerce store.
3. It should fit organically into the overall design of the website.
4. Display the complete way from the very beginning.
5. Need to use the symbol, “>”, to separate different paths for customers to navigate swiftly.
6. No need to use breadcrumbs on the homepage of the site.

Steps to Implement Magento Breadcrumbs

  • Step 1: First, log in to the Admin Panel of the site.
  • Step 2: Go to Navigation to Stores>>Navigation.
  • Step 3: Come to the General category, click on the Web tab and then expand the section of Default pages.
  • Step 4: Select Yes for Show Breadcrumbs for CMS pages and enable the same.
  • Step 5: After that click on the Save Config.

Final Note

Now, you must have understood every aspect of Magento Breadcrumbs, as to what it does to your eCommerce store. Next in the line is to implement the functionality with aid of a reliable Magento Support Agency to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers. For reference, developers at AgentoSupport will be perfect to create this functionality to increase SEO traffic and enhance sales patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Should Magento Breacrumbs be Placed on the Site?

Breadcrumbs should be placed at the top of your eCommerce site i.e., above the content. Since it is a secondary navigational functionality but customers like to see it first, so the mentioned placement of breadcrumbs is perfect to enhance the user experience.

Q. Should Magento Breadcrumbs be Clickable?

If you are using location-based breadcrumbs, make sure to enable the clickable functionality. It is required to decrease the bounce rate and increase the easy navigation flow for customers to find more products.

Q. How Do Breadcrumbs Improve the Shopping Experience of Customers?

Breadcrumbs are responsible for enhancing the product findability functionality for customers to get more products than expected. It eases the way to locate more products from different categories and subcategories to fasten up the purchasing decision.