What is a Customer Registration Form in Magento 2? What Are Its Benefits?

September 9, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

Magento 2 customer registration form

Many eCommerce store owners use the Magento 2 Customer Registration Form in Magento 2 platform to collect their shopper’s information. Online retailers use this data further to communicate with their customers and conduct various marketing campaigns. However, many merchants are unaware of what information these forms can fetch for their business.   

In this blog, we have curated a list of top concerns online merchants often have regarding their Magento 2 customer registration form. So, if you are new to this service, keep reading to know its attributes and how your store can leverage benefits over these forms. 

What is a customer registration form?  

In simple words, a Customer Registration Form refers to what shoppers require to fill in before applying as a member of that business/service. The form structure and content may vary depending on what information the merchants require from their customers. When you hire Magento 2 developer, they understand your business requirements and target audience. Thus, they design the entire form according to your marketing strategy and customer preferences.   

Some of the key elements to include in a Magento 2 Customer Registration Form includes:  

1. Contact information  

Customer’s crucial information like name, email address, and phone number are the primary things required by a customer. Online merchants need this information to contact their customers later. Therefore, consider the right channel to reach them, and select what you want to collect from your audience.   

2. Sign-in information  

In an eCommerce store, customers select usernames and passwords for their accounts. Merchants can allow them to sign in by their email address or phone number. You can also ask the customers to choose a distinct username for their convenience.   

3. Billing and shipping information  

This section may not be compulsory, because it takes more time and trust to fill in right away. Therefore, a few online merchants allow their customers to enter this data when they check out their first order. Also, the information will be saved with security for future reasons.  

4. Payment information  

One of the major reasons that encourage customers to register an account is that the payment information can get used for later shopping and purchases. However, remember to give them options to save their information or not, because online transaction saved cards often sound insecure for many users.   

5. Future communications  

Not every customer will commit to your business. Therefore, you will need to offer the customers a choice of opting in or opting out of their contact list in the future. It can be a Yes/No option to a Call-to-Action (CTA), or a multiple-choice list.  

6. Other survey questions  

You can also customize your questions to understand your customers. The questions may vary, from a dropdown question to a multiple choice, open text area, file attachment, and more. However, to avoid unwillingness, mark these questions as optional. This data comes in use for marketing predictions, online community, retargeting, and so on.  

What are the benefits of Customer Registration Form usage?  

Let’s understand the numerous benefits of this Magento 2 support service form for both retailers and customers.   

Benefits for retailers:  

  • Offer sufficient information: Asking the customers to fill in a form makes it easier for online merchants to collect necessary information in a clear and orderly manner.   
  • Retaining customers: Once you have persuaded customers to fill out the registration form, it gets easier to establish a relationship with them.  
  • Boost repeat purchases: Customers tend to come back to your eCommerce store if they are already a member of your store. They choose the login process as it is easier to record and save the identity information for future use.  
  • Better communication with the customers: After collecting the customer’s information, the merchant can use it for their marketing campaigns. For instance, to market new items, this information reminds them of cart abandonment and offers exclusive promotional offers and discounts.  
  • Help with market research: This form allows merchants to classify and export data hassle-freely. It is an easy way to understand the customers and predict their needs, which further helps you build a suitable business strategy based on these details.   

Benefits for customers:  

  • All the information asked in one go: Filling the same information again and again often annoys the customers. With the Magento 2 Customer Registration Form, all the crucial information gets asked at one time for the customer’s ease.  
  • Save login information for future purchases: It saves the time and effort of the customers. They need not fill in the information each time they visit your online store.   
  • Order management: It is an easy way to track the order and make necessary changes to access the order history.  
  • Notifications of exclusive news and offers: Customers get early access and exclusive deals offered by your business to shop for more.   

The Bottom Line  

The Customer Registration Form is a beneficial way to collect customer information and understand their interests. However, there is a fine line between what you want to know and the burdens you create for the shoppers. Therefore, consider varied criteria before launching the form. Consult an expert who can guide you with the right credentials to include in the form.   

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1. How to create a customer registration form in Magento 2?  

Here are a few steps to follow to create a new customer registration form:  

  • Create a new phtml file with the registration form code. (You can either copy code from register .phtml and add a new file)  
  • Use this file on a content page  
  • Create a module to update the customer group  

2. How to add new fields on the Registration page in Magento 2?  

Firstly, create a brand-new attribute to store the data that the customers submit while registering your form. Therefore, create a new data patch to create a new custom attribute, and later add this new customer attribute to the database.   

3. How to add custom attributes to the Customer Registration Form in Magento 2?  

To create a phone number custom attributes, follow these steps:  

  • Create a module  
  • Create an install data file  
  • Add custom attribute to admin customer’s grid  
  • Add custom attribute to customer registration (front-end)