Why Switching to Magento 2.3 is beneficial for E-commerce Business?

September 18, 2019 | Author: Ashley Brown

Are you still operating your E-commerce store using an old version of Magento? If yes, then it is the right time of migration to Magento 2.3 to enjoy the latest features and security updates. In this blog post, all updated features are discussed below and major steps to switch to the latest version.

After going through this blog, we assure that you will experience better results from your store like smooth navigation, more sales and higher ROI. Just update to this latest edition for the betterment of your E-commerce business by yourself or after hiring Magento 2 developer. Without any delay, let’s discuss the important features present in Magento 2.3.

Why Switching to Magento 2.3 is beneficial for E-commerce Business?

1. Community Support

The Magento community is focusing more on the new version as support for the old version is ending by June 2020. There is now no benefit to investing in Magento 1 as extension makers and developers have no use of it in the future. As the community is offering Magento 2 Support, every effort spent on the old version is a complete waste with time.

With the E-commerce brands, including major ones like Walmart, Amazon, and small scale constantly innovating, you’ll become outdated if you continue with Magento 1 version. With the security patches only offered until year-end, the old version will become a security threat in the future.

2. Fast Loading

Magento 1 is a free version, and lacks compatibility with full-page caching as well as unable to handle a higher number of transactions. Even the number of page views is also restricted to 200,000. However, the new version can handle 10 million page views without any complication. In addition, Magento 2 runs on the latest Mysql database to enable faster processing of the queries, and inventory is updated once the products or other catalog gets updated.

The re-indexing process is more efficient in Magento 2 having less impact on the overall working of the online store. The latest update Magento 2.3 also needs PHP updated version to enhance the caching process. Magento 2 developer can be contacted if facing any sluggishness with the speed of an online store.

3. Advanced Admin Interface

There is no doubt about the wide range of tools available with Magento 1 which website owners can implement to customize their store, however, a large number of people find the admin interface quite confusing. Especially, when using for the first time. Moreover, it can’t be handled through mobile. With Magento 2 version, the admin interface has improved significantly with numerous added features. It is user-friendly and responsive, making it simple for the store merchant to perform the desired activity which they want to perform.

More importantly, the interface to add and create product pages has become easier which was a big problem with Magento 1. Whether you want to add videos from YouTube or other resources, everything can be done as you get Magento 2 Support for the same. Also, Magento 1 supports a single admin at once, while Magento 2 has the feature to work on multiple websites with the help of multiple administrators. This makes it very simple for the store owners to keep their products updated. This feature is highly beneficial for the stores having a large number of products listed.

4. Mobile Shopping

Mobile users are the major resource for driving traffic to a website. Mobile transactions contribute more than 60% of online transactions. A lot of improvements have been done with Magento 2.3 regarding Mobile responsive. Earlier browsing was slower as well as complicated on mobile devices. With the latest version, the search has been improved for the shoppers to navigate the website in a smoother way. Combined with better speed and mobile-friendly checkout, the rate of conversion has significantly improved. A skilled Magento 2 developer can help you take benefit of this improvement which improve your sales. With search engines only boosting websites that they know is mobile responsive before checking its performance on the desktop. You’ll also benefit from search results with the help of Magento 2 and its mobile improvements.

5. Improve Customer Experience

With the introduction of Magento 2.3, the customer experience has improved and cart abandoned number has reduced. With improvements done the shopping has now become easier and faster for the customers. The major improvements are-

  • Smooth checkout process. Buyer prefer using websites having a simple checkout process and to engage them store owners have to make checkout as simple as possible.
  • The simple registration process for buyers to complete before ordering any product.
  • PayPal integration has been improved, so that long details like billing address are not required to enter.
  • The order summary comprises of photos of the order. This helps in lowering website errors to reduce returns and encourage buyers for higher conversion rates.
  • The fewer number of forms regarding account registration, to make it simpler for the buyers to complete the checkout step faster.

With the above-mentioned features of Magento 2.3, it is quite obvious for the store owners to migrate from the old version to the latest one. This will help them to stay competitive and offer the latest features to the buyers. It is an integral part of running a successful online business.

Wrapping Up:

All the online stores running on Magento 1 would benefit by switching to Magento 2.3 to avail new functionality and performance improvements. While the migration process is complicated, hiring a Magento 2 Developer can make it simpler for sure. With changing customer trends, it is hard to avoid migration. With mobile responsive, smooth checkout process, advanced features, and better output, Magento 2.3 is the perfect platform for online stores. As the Magento 1 will end by June 2020, any investment made in it is useless. Like a lot of major differences between the two platforms, the migration requires serious commitment. A professional service is very important for the store owners to ensure the whole process is smooth and trustworthy.