How to Build Magento 2 Theme from Scratch for E-commerce Business Website?

June 3, 2020 | Author: Ashley Brown

E-commerce has become a popular business model with more and more vendors are investing in for better revenue, ROI & growth. But for an E-commerce website an engaging theme is required to retain users. In this blog post, you will get all the information regarding creating a brand-new theme using Magento 2. This CMS is known for its remarkable features and has lots of advantages in comparison to its earlier version. Most of features are integrated while keeping client in focus. Here are some of the major advantages of Magento 2 development that can’t be ignored:

  • Built-in preprocessor
  • Full-scale support of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Asynchronous module with RequireJS
  • Use of jQuery UI instead of Prototype library
  • Use of MagentoUI library
  • Full-Page Caching with Fast Loading Speed
  • Multi-Lingual & Multiple Payment Modes

However, to build an engaging E-commerce store first step is to select a theme. Most vendors invest in Magento 2 theme development but here we will do the design & development of theme from scratch. Magento 2 CMS has a new module structure for its scripts and code. Now, all static CSS, js and image files are saved in a separate web theme’s folder. Skin folder was removed from the Magento’s root directory. Another feature named as View folder was integrated to store the layouts and files offering MVC access for specific module.

So let’s go deep in the creation of a brand-new Magento 2 theme having a more detailed look at the directories structure.

How to Build Magento 2 Theme from Scratch for E-commerce Business Website

What is Magento 2 Theme?

Before we start the theme development work it is important to know its basics. You can do development work by your own but it is recommended to consult professional Magento 2 developer having years of experience in the similar field.

Magento developers know that a theme is a combination of:

  • Layout – It is a collection of basic XML files which are used to define the structure of block for multiple pages. It helps in controlling the META info and page encoding. It is located in app/design/frontend/your_interface/your_theme/layout/
  • Template – It is a PHTML files with XHTML markups and important for the PHP tags to build logic for the visual presentation.
  • Locale – It is a simple folder of document with copies of translated content.
  • Skins – It is combination of block-specific JavaScript, CSS file and the image files to complement XHTML

What are the Advantages of Magento 2 Theme?

The theme offers numerous benefits for Magento 2 CMS including:

  • It uses jQuery UI.
  • It has built-in LESS processor.
  • It provides support for HTML and CSS.
  • It makes uploading easy using Require JS without manual coding.
  • It manages Magento UI library for the flexible rendering of UI.

What are the Important Steps involved to build Magento 2 Theme?

We are going to discuss about the important steps to build a sample Magento 2 themes from scratch. The steps for creation of new theme would be:

  • First Magento 2 theme folder is created
  • Declaration of theme
  • Composer package is developed
  • Register the theme
  • Building statistic files and folders
  • Configuring the catalog product images
  • Building & Designing theme logo
  • Analyzing basic layout elements
  • Mentioning layout file types and conventions
  • Files and Folder Structure

We need to build functional folder and files by going through the given below steps:

  • Create a folder having theme <vendor_theme> – create a folder having name “XYZ” as vendor_theme
  • Build a sample folder with files and functional folders <theme> – Create a new folder inside the ‘XYZ’ folder and name it ‘Test’
  • Define file theme <theme.xml>
  • Build registration file theme <registration.php>
  • Develop composer for theme <composer.json>
  • Define <media> folder
  • Build <web> folder
  • Build a folder to connect layout theme <Magento_Theme>

Configuration of Magento 2 Theme

You must hire Magento 2 developers to configure the theme after its development in the file system. The following steps are involved in the theme settings:

  • Firstly navigate to Administration Menu > Content > Themes
  • Verify whether your theme is present in the Design panel
  • Open Administration Menu > Store > Configuration > Design
  • Open the configuration mode and select the Content tab design and choose the theme. Save configuration.
  • In the last clear cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 to reload the static files and see the changes on the theme.

So, this is the best & secure Magento 2 theme development method which can be done from the scratch for desired business results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated cost of Magento 2 theme development service?

The exact cost of any project can be provided after analyzing the project’s requirements. Generally, our team first collects the project requirements and later starts the development process. Upon this, we provide clients with the best cost and time frame involved.

How much time is required for PSD to Magento 2 theme conversion?

The time required for the PSD to Magento 2 conversions revolves around the project complexity. We slice down the whole project and set proper milestones. This helps in making a time frame for every milestone. But, in general, 5-6 days are required for Magento 2 theme conversion.

What pricing model do you follow for conversion service?

You can hire Magento 2 development on an hourly, full-time or part-time basis. We follow different pricing model as per the client’s necessity.

What is your Magento Support policy?

We offer Magento support and maintenance services after the project deployment. You can extend this limited period by opting for the paid services.


We have discussed all major elements of the Magento 2 theme development in this post. We also have discussed structure of files and folders for theme creation. It is recommended to use the services of Magento developers to create outstanding and robust Magento 2 theme for you. AgentoSupport is enjoying the presence of experienced developers with year of experience in theme development projects. You can avail the services for the best results with quick turnarounds.