Know How To Boost Magento Store With PWA

July 8, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

Have you chosen Magento for your eCommerce online store? If yes, then you will be happy to know that Magento is all set with the tools required to develop a website that behaves like an app i.e PWA. According to the surveys, more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. Therefore, creating a mobile app along with the website is a remarkable strategy to attract more customers.   

However, many businesses consider this approach a challenging one, as they had to build different apps and websites for Android and iOS mobile phone users. Thanks to the new advancements, we don’t have to put multiple efforts into this process. With the help of PWA (Progressive Web Apps), you can create a shortcut icon to the website on the user’s device like an app. It will be a website with added benefits and performance of an app.   

If you are wondering what Magento 2 PWA development service is and how to make everything simple, let’s understand it in detail.   

Magento store with PWA

What is Progressive Web App (PWA)?  

A Progressive Web App refers to a web app that applies web capabilities (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to deliver an enhanced user experience mimicking native apps. In simple words, PWA can function like a native app with an icon on the mobile home screen, splash page (after opening the app), full-screen display, push notifications, and more.   

All the PWAs must ensure three criteria:   

1. Fast – To respond to user interactions instantly   

2. Reliable – To work under poor network conditions  

3. Engaging – To deliver a smooth app-like experience  

Some of the key differences between a PWA and a native app include:  

1. A native app can only run on a certain operating system (iOS and Android) while PWA gets empowered by mobile browsers and is supported by both iOS and Android.   

2. You need to download the native apps from an app store, whereas, PWA can get installed quickly after adding it to the home screen.  

3. Users can access their app stores to get the latest version of the native apps but refreshing to get PWA updates  

4. PWAs can run right in a web browser. Therefore, it becomes easier for store owners to share and promote the PWAs than native apps.  

Advantages of PWA  

Progressive web apps are upshots of software development, which is a fusion of the website’s features and mobile apps. This new application model merges the features of modern browsers and effective mobile apps to serve them in one system. Progressive web apps offer a native app-like experience using modern web features.   

Some of the advantages of PWA include:  

1. You work offline:

Previously, mobile apps weren’t capable of working without the internet. This challenge gets resolved with PWA as it can display the cache already accessed by users. It provides general information to users and also the time to get connected to the internet when disconnected.   

2. No need to use the app or play store:

Users can use it directly from the home screen, which means you don’t have to visit the play store or app store to download any app. With the help of PWA, you can get rid of the time and data spent on downloading the app.  

3. Faster and enhanced performance:

PWA loads faster than native apps. Users need to seek assistance from a well-renowned progressive web app development company that can guide businesses the best. A professional will render you the solution like an app to facilitate your users with exceptional user experience and faster performance.   

4. Cheaper than building native apps:

The responsive design gives users the ability to use it on different font devices. It also saves the cost of development for different versions of Android and iOS. Every step reduces the cost of the entire app development process.  

5. Native-like app:

It provides users the same experience as they have used a native app. Its advantages include dynamic data and database access along with the advanced feature of progressive web app features.   

6. High conversion:

PWA offers a seamless end-to-end user experience despite being in bad network connections or in offline mode. It is responsible for the successful conversion improvement for companies like Flipkart.   

How Magento can boost the Magento store experience?  

If you are planning to boost the Magento store with PWA, here are a few things to know:  

1. An app-like experience with online stores:

The online store built with PWA can serve a brilliant user experience of the app and website at the same time. You don’t need to install it on your mobile phone like any mobile app because it is easy to operate with web browsers. When you hire a professional developer to build a Magento 2 development service app, he can build it efficiently to help your users get attracted to the eCommerce website than on a mobile app  

2. Faster engagement:

Since the app requires no installation, users can easily go to the web browser and search it like a website to establish re-engagement.   

3. Streamline payment:

The most positive impact of PWA on payments cannot be ignored. It allows users to integrate the payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree, and other payment extensions effectively. It is highly secure and can also synchronize the order and payment details, making the transaction process transparent.   

4. Offline browsing:

PWA can store the site information when you are facing a slow internet issue. It means users can add the products to the cart despite a slow connection, which means a steady shopping experience.   

5. Easy accessibility:

The add-to-home screen feature allows users to easily access it from their home screen like a native app.   

6. Secure shopping experience:

The presence of Magento in PWA Magento 2 has furnished it with a list of security features like 2FA (Two-factor authentication) and Google reCAPTCHA. The HTTP and transport layer security refer to a guarantee of having a secure shopping experience.   


Many professionals believe that Progressive Web App will replace native apps in the foreseeable future. Although it’s a highly debatable topic, we can see substantial growth of PWA in the future. Therefore, if you are planning to integrate PWA in Magento 2 websites, hire Magento 2 developer sooner.  


1. How to use PWA in Magento 2? 

To install PWA in Magento 2, follow these steps: 

    • Setup server for Magento
    • Install and configure the Magento 2 on Server 
    • Install Yarn 
    • PWA installation in Magento 2.3 
    • Start the Server 
    • Setup Nginx Reverse Proxy 

2. Is Magento PWA headless? 

Magento 2 is entirely moving towards PWA platform and natively supports headless Magento. PWA is the future of web application development and is the right step to give the web store an app-like experience.  

3. What is Magento PWA theme? 

Magento 2 PWA theme refers to a PWA integration solution that enables users to switch to Magento 2 website into a fully-functioned progressive web app. You can easily convert your Magento 2 website into an app-like website, allowing customers to add an icon to their phone and use it like their regular native app.