Magento 1 End of Life – All Your Magento Migration Questions Answered

June 11, 2020 | Author: Ashley Brown

Magento has officially announced that June 2020 is the End of Life of Magento 1. It will no longer offer any kind of support regarding updates, security patches and technical assistance to the users, which means it, becomes useless. With the deadline is approaching in the next few days, E-commerce store owners need to make a quick decision regarding migration service. The deadline is for both open-source and paid version. In this blog post, we will discuss the best solutions to address this issue with smooth Magento 2 migration service. For migration it is important to hire Magento 2 developers and leverage their professional guidance.

Magento 1 End of Life

We know being a store owner you have several questions in your mind; in this post we have cover important ones.

How long Magento 1 will be supported?

As per the Magento official statement, Magento 1 support will be offered till June 2020. That means no update related to security or feature will be provided. But if you continue using Magento 1 for your online selling store, here are some major disadvantages that you may face.

Disadvantages of using Magento 1 after June 2020:

  • No security upgrade or patches.
  • Store will start to face vulnerabilities after the end of life support.
  • No availability of the plugins & extensions.
  • Many developing agencies are focused only on Magento 2 development services, so finding the developers for old version will be tough.
  • There is a huge opportunity for the hackers and spammers accessing financial data.

What will happen if Magento 1 is used after June 2020?

High Threat without Security Measures

Magento has officially declared June 2020 as end of life for both Magento 1 edition whether Community and Enterprise. After June 2020, no support will be offered for any bugs and issues. Without having security updates, the security and performance is outdated. The store will become vulnerable to online threats & attacks. Hackers can enjoy access and steal the financial data of the customers. This will overall put you at the risk of losing money and business reputation.

Lack of Magento Developers Support

If you’ve integrated multiple extensions & plugins into your e-commerce store for improved performance, then you should know that the developers will not offer support after June 2020 EOL. Most of them have shifted their focus to Magento 2 Support, Magento E-commerce development and customization service.

This is because, after June, the marketplace will not have any Magento 1 extensions. As Magento 2 is the latest release, most of the developers are providing support for it. Therefore, opting for migration would be a smart move, seeing innovative features of Magento 2.

Magento 1 Support will become Rare

If you’ve skill set to resolve technical issues with your Magento 1 based store, then it is perfectly fine, but if you lack skills, then you probably have to hire experienced developers. Currently, most of the developers are working with latest version Magento 2, so finding developers that can work for Magento 1 is a challenging job. Even if you are lucky and find the developers then paying them will be an expensive affair. The charges for work you require will rise because of just a few developers offering support, and it would require additional expenses.

No PCI Compliance Support

Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards are developed and integrated in an online selling store for the safety of credit cards payment. Most of the E-commerce store use third-party payment gateways. PCI compliance secures a website and the platform it is based on. Thus, using an advanced platform like Magento 2 for website development makes it PCI compliant.

After Magento 1 end of life, the platform will become unsecure to use. This is because the payment gateways scan for PCI compliance on regular basis. This is to make sure customer’s details are in safe hands. Thus hire Magento 2 developers for installing security patches, else your store will fail PCI scans and you might lose potential customers.

What is the future of Magento 2?

Despite availability of various E-commerce platforms and newly launched in the marketplace, Magento is still preferred as the most recommended online selling CMS. After its acquisition from Adobe, a lot of innovative features have been integrated. With regular upgrades and security patches, it is a highly secured platform to integrate. This gives Magento additional benefits and competitive edge to retain existing customers and gain new ones.

Is it Magento 2 Migration important?

The Magento 1 version has become quite popular after its launch that it is serving 20% of the E-commerce stores. And with the release of Magento 2 version, it’s also offering flexibility and latest features to the merchants. With the increasing use of the Magento 2 platform, it will gain same popularity as its earlier version.

At AgentoSupport, we believe that Magento 2 is going to be a game changer platform of the future. New features and functions will be integrated with a new version upgrade. Hence, we want you to avail the advantages like speed and performance to get desired results for your online selling store. Many of the online selling businesses have already opted for Magento 2 development service after seeing so many benefits associated with it. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of migrating to Magento 2.

  • Fast Load Speed
  • Completely New Architecture
  • Advance Catalog Management System
  • Improved Performance
  • Attractive UI Designs
  • Easy to Use Admin Panel
  • Advanced Tracking and Visibility of Results

Wrapping Up:

There is hardly anytime left for Magento 1 End of Life and for store owners it is very crucial to move to Magento 2 for bright future. Staying on Magento 1 will cause serious threats as mentioned above to store sales, security, business and above all brand reputation. If you are looking to migrate, simply consult a reputed Magento 2 Support company for streamlined process. Share your store requirements and get desired results for your enterprise. Initially some challenges will come but your business will experience huge success.