Magento 2 Discovery

Magento is an easy to customize platform that offers plenty of robust features, thus, making it perfect and convenient for those who are looking to expand their business through online stores. If you are looking to expand your business and want to provide your customers with an attractive shopping experience, Magento is the perfect development framework for that. Magento has functionality keeping the e-commerce websites in the mind, it is a great platform to those who want to avail the benefits and stay away from the troubles involved with traditional business operations.

Figuring out and building requirements is an important task to start an E-commerce platform. Requirement analysis requires expertise, dedication, skills and is a complicated task to do. At AgentoSuport, we believe that a detailed and well-documented Magento 2 project planning and Discovery process is important for an online store success.

Our Magento experts start requirement analysis from scratch. Here, we have a detailed meeting and we will know more about your business idea and objectives. We will find out as much data possible about your business and will do a deep analysis. Your business strengths and weaknesses are identified for making appropriate planning. Our sole objective will be focused on enhancing the performance of your e-commerce store in the current competitive world.

Magento eCommerce

Our working style is to avoid adding anything to the project requirements that seem unnecessary or critical to the design.

The major phases included in our Magento 2 Discovery process are:

1. Analysis of the Requirements

Our E-commerce consultants keep a closer look at your website requirements and will try to find vulnerabilities if any affecting the performance of your online business. Once they identify this, they will be able to plan a perfectly designed e-commerce store which can perform well under any scenarios.

2. Competitor Analysis

In addition to that, our experts will also perform an analysis of competitor that will give a better picture of what needs to be included in the project to be ahead of the competitors. Once we analyze all cases, we will build a plan of action to improve the situation with our customized solutions.

3. Identifying Business Goals

We know very well that without business goals we cannot function properly in a specific time frame. To make sure there is an uninterrupted work process, we will find goals that are easily achievable, as well as realistic. We work by setting up small targets so that working for an e-commerce store becomes motivating.

4. Detailed Meeting

Once the business goals and the deadline for the project are identified, we will have a detailed meeting with the team of Magento developers so that all the work on the project is cleared to them. This meeting is going to be with you as well so that you get a proper opportunity to express your expectations as well.

Why AgentoSupport is the best for Magento 2 Discovery process?

    • We have a team of experienced Magento developers.
    • Grow Sales and eCommerce conversion rate for an online store.
    • Our expert developers implement the latest tools for Magento 2 Discovery Process.
    • Our developers follow proper standards to carry out any sort of troubleshooting job.
    • We implement your E-commerce store in a simple and smooth manner.
    • Updated security patches will be integrated into the website.
    • Making online stores SEO optimized for better sales.
    • Creating a backup of your requirements and build a prototype.

To get a prominent, sales oriented E-commerce store, it is very important to get a service from a reputed firm that can analyze the business requirements. Once the requirements are analyzed, it will become easy for the developers to build a high-quality E-commerce store.