What are the Benefits of E-commerce having Magento 2 Multi-Language?

January 30, 2020 | Author: Ashley Brown

One of Magento’s major benefits to E-commerce sellers is its multi-store functionality. This allows store owners to run several stores from a single dashboard interface. Here we explore how Magento 2 Multi-Language Setup is important for international growth.

Multi-store functionality means that localized websites for every market with native language are easy to manage from a single admin interface with the same backend and codebase. Localized sites can share customer data or be kept separate.

What are the benefits of E-commerce having Magento 2 Multi-Language Setup?

There are four levels in the Magento Store setup. These are:

  • Global
  • Website
  • Store
  • Store View

Each level has its flexibility whether it is custom pricing, tax, shipping or language. The admin dashboard allows the creation of multiple Websites, Stores, and Store Views as needed from a single Magento 2 installation. Most of the retailers use a combination in order to deliver a localized, yet easily manageable, experience for their customers.

Why Multi-Currency Setup is Important?

Apart from the Multi-language setup, it is important for the store owners to have Magento 2 Multi-Currency Setup for international sales. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they are able to choose a language, currency, and payment platform. Thus, in order to engage global clients, it’s essential to select the platform that offers this complete package.

If you want to run a successful e-commerce business, it is essential to take advantage of Multi-lingual and currency capabilities. This will help E-commerce store to attract customers from different countries and grow conversion rates.

What are the features of Multi-Language Setup?

Let us consider these capacities in detail for better understanding.

  • You are able to take your online business in different countries and drive potential customers to your website.
  • Such a website can grow sales and boost conversions to build a strong bond with existing and future customers.
  • Search engines based on the native language are more popular because customers feel more satisfied using their language.

Magento E-commerce platform gives an opportunity to choose from a higher number of languages. Every theme enables integration of multi-lingual features allowing the user to change languages without any troubles. Most of the Magento 2 online stores have a single store view with one language. But, the platform offers multi-language capabilities, which can help to make online shop more convenient to use.

What are the features of Multi-Currency Setup?

Nowadays, people enjoy online shopping in their local currency. It makes them confident to purchase products instead of skipping. That’s why it’s important to choose an E-commerce platform offering multi-currency setup which gives several opportunities to both buyer & seller.

It allows buyers to pay for the products or services using the local currency. In addition store owners can take benefit of Magento currency extensions to make buyers shop in their national currency. As a result, customers get the confidence to make a payment.

The main benefits of Multi-Currency support are:

  • Avoiding additional charges and ensuring customer trust. This support helps the shopper to avoid being charged additional fees for the currency conversion on their bank statements.
  • Clients are able to check the goods price presented in a simple, rounded number.
  • Customers are able to make payment with alternative payment options for better engagement.
  • Reduce cart abandonment, refunds, and chargebacks. This feature lowers the shopping cart abandonment and helps to reduce refund and chargeback. The prices are presented to the clients after converting using foreign exchange rates.

So, offering customers the multi-currency feature is the perfect solution, which boosts the shopping experience and global sales.

We described the most prominent features and you have learned about their benefits for E-commerce business. However, for the integration, the perfect approach is to Hire Magento 2 developers from a reputed development company. The benefits Magento 2 multi-language and currency offers is quite remarkable that can’t be ignored to run a successful business in a highly-competitive world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to configure multi-currency for a single store in Magento 2?

You first have to define the currency rates to make them visible to the buyer.
Stores > Currency rates
You can either customize it manually or just import the currency rates from the available services.
By default, the store has priced in the base currency, but it is easy to switch to others which you have defined.

2. How to set multiple currencies in one storefront?

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Currency Setup
  2. Choose Allowed Currencies you want to display & Save
  3. Stores > Currency Rates and Set all currency

3. How to set up Magento 2 Multi-language version?

Different ways to set up a Multi-language version.

  1. Create a new website: this allows creating a separate website with a unique name. Besides, you’ll manage to create and assign multiple stores and store views.
  2. Create a new store: this completely depends on if you want to make a localized version of a store with differences. For this, you’ll need to create a website, add a store and store view.
  3. Create a new store view: This is the easiest one, as you can simply add a localized version to the existing store.

Wrapping Up:

In this blog post, we’ve discussed the major benefits of using Magneto 2 Multi-language & currency setup. This integration is not a simple job to execute as many potential challenges come along the way, and thus we recommend you to avail Magento development services from a technical partner. Ensure you take suggestions and keep updated with all parties including the finance, legal, warehousing, marketing, and delivery teams. AgentoSupport is a top-rated development company having the expertise to build Magento stores from scratch and customize the existing stores as per the latest trends.