Magento 2 PWA Development Services

PWA has changed the total scene of eCommerce for some significant reasons: Powerful execution on the web and mobile applications like insight on the telephone without introducing an application, Flexibility, Offline mode, and Robustness. Ongoing Google rules and Marketing prerequisites requests have additionally slung the need of adjusting to the cutting-edge Magento 2 PWA Development.

AgentoSupport is a trailblazer in the Magento Extensions world with 70+ live augmentations and made GraphQL upheld. With demonstrated ability in GraphQL technology, AgentoSupport develops PWA solutions with top-tier coding standards and immense experience of years in Magento. AgentoSupport’s Magento PWA development is no longer limited to Magento’s development on PWA. It is 100% open source, mobile, and adaptable to any outsider GraphQL, vision, or ability.

Key Features of Magento 2 PWA Development

Magento 2 PWA Development

With altogether further developed execution and ease of use, our Magento 2 PWA Development guarantee to drive client commitment and deal transformation in your website

Responsive frontend

Your site is responsive across telephone, tablet, and desktop screen sizes.

Add to the home screen

Brief clients to add your site’s logo to their manufactured home screen, very much like a native mobile application. 


Speed implies transformations. Google reports up to +110% in transformations after setting up Magento 2 PWA Development front. 

Extraordinary application UX

Smooth advances, granular loading – application like UX implanted in the program.


Get into the mind of your clients and message significant CTAs right to their screen.

Website design

Focused on Google search because of speed and UX. 

No download required

Dissimilar to a native application, Magento 2 PWA Development doesn’t need to be downloaded and introduced. 

Work in any event, when disconnected

Permit clients to peruse their cherished items even while remaining disconnected.

Profoundly incorporated with Magento

AgentoSupport PWA is based on Magento PWA development utilizing the headless trade model, ReactJS, and GraphQL. With AgentoSupport’s tech experts, we have improved and made it totally adaptable and mobile for any organization. As an engineer, you can gain admittance to the full source code, right away associate it to any Magento store and embrace its center capacities.

We are working with our accomplices to foster Magento 2 PWA expansions

As ordinary Magento 2 development doesn’t work with a PWA frontend out-of-the-case, we are investing our energy into making existing expansions available to be viable with PWA, explicitly PWA Studio, by building open-source add-on modules that go about as a similarity layer for the expansions and Magento PWA frontend.

This aids PWA retail facade execution to be more financially savvy and is likewise our commitment to the Magento 2 support.

All extra modules are open-source and accessible on GitHub.

  • Blog
  • Shop By Brand
  • Item Label
  • Auto Related Products
  • FAQs
  • Call for Price
  • Item Alert
  • Share Cart


AgentoSupport’s API is incredible. At the primary level, it upholds all default elements of a Magento store. At the subsequent level, it fulfills all Magento 2 support’s “solid, quick, captivating” features. At the third level, it conveys a wide scope of further developed online business capacities. At the most elevated level, this API can be modified/moved up to meet any solicitations of the traders.

Moderate Web App Functions

AgentoSupport can satisfy all that traders anticipate from Progressive Web Apps: application like insight, super quick speed, add-to-home-screen, disconnected mode, low information responsibility, pop-up messages, and so forth.

Progressed E-trade Functions

The majority of the Magento 2 development needs beyond what Magento can give of course. Thus, AgentoSupport offers a wide scope of current highlights, for example, One-venture checkout, Improved layered route, Shop by brand, Banner chief, Product marks, Live visit… to improve store execution and client experience.

Magento Default Functions

Dissimilar to other Magento PWA Themes, AgentoSupport is completely viable with Magento 2. Along these lines, dealers will in any case think that it is not difficult to deal with their stores after changing the sites over to PWAs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PWA?

PWA is a web application created with the assistance of web systems and web dialects like JavaScript.

How is PWA not quite the same as the native mobile application?

  • Many individuals accept that a PWA is as old as a native application, which isn’t true. Albeit a PWA resembles a native application, it isn’t something very similar.
  • A client doesn’t have to download a PWA from an application store prior to utilizing it, not at all like native mobile applications. All things considered, he can get to it by means of the web.
  • A native application won’t work in regions where the Internet association is slow or non-existent. A PWA, then again, will work in such circumstances since it was intended to do as such.

    Does PWA support SEO?

Indeed, a Progressive Web Application will without a doubt further develop your site’s web crawler positioning. It gives a superior client experience to your guests, which eventually assists you with being on the popular narratives of the Search Engines.

How do Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) further develop the client experience?

  • It is simpler for clients to utilize a PWA because it tends to be gotten to without introducing it on their gadget. Thus, there is a more significant level of client commitment just as a better yield on speculation.
  • Moreover, Progressive Web Apps(PWA) further develop the web stacking velocity of the work area and mobile web. This expands the client commitment proportions of the site.
  • PWA gives an advantageous and frictionless experience and in this way, it can assist you with giving a fantastic client experience to the guests of your eCommerce store.