Magento Azure Integrations

Gift your user’s an amazing shopping experience by integrating Magento with Azure software. Magento is an amazing E-commerce CMS when it comes to managing the online store. By nature, this CMS offers several features that can be availed by integrating extensions to meet the continuous demands of the end-users. Make your E-commerce store a smooth ordering experience and delivery solution with the AgentoSupport integration suite.

Magento is particularly designed as the E-commerce platform. It offers several free templates, widgets, add-ons, modules, plugins, and other amazing components which is supported by a big community of developers and researchers. Magento becomes the topmost choice of several enterprise-level retailers as it increases organic and natural traffic. How well could you take benefit of this E-commerce platform? That’s why store owners go for Magento + Azure Integrations to get top-rated services. This integration helps you in handling your store-specific needs and improve the user experience.

Magento + Azure Integrations

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud database software service. It is powered by SQL Server database technology and built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform. The SQL Azure allows the organizations to store the relational data in the cloud and instantly grow the size of their databases as per the business requirements. Data is hosted, managed and controlled at the Microsoft data centers.

How does Microsoft Azure works?

Microsoft Azure is a private and public cloud platform. Azure is a virtual technology and is managed on a massive scale at the Microsoft data centers all across the globe. Therefore, the cloud is basically a set of physical servers at one location or multiple data centers that run virtual devices on behalf of clients.

Why Should I use Microsoft Azure?

With Microsoft Azure, developers and IT experts have a platform that allows them to create and deploy cross-platform web and mobile applications. The platform allows them to store data in the cloud and back it for quick and fast recovery. Azure allows a business website, E-commerce website to run in a simple & implement powerful predictive analytics. This platform enables users to build intuitive products and services by incorporating Internet of Things services. Azure runs on the global network of data centers covering 22 regions that are Microsoft-managed.

How Magento Azure Integrations is beneficial for your E-commerce website?

Magento on Azure with the required APIs, third-party suites, extensions, and custom modules can remove data errors and grow sales. It also leads to order fulfillment and helps you gain positive customer reviews. With proper integrations, a 360-degree view of your business is available for your communication channels.

  • Empowers the online selling capabilities by offering the customers a smooth user journey.
  • Standardizes the business procedure and grows online exposure.
  • Identify and integrate the right modules that allow you to track all aspects of your business.
  • A properly optimized analytics dashboard is available for each user to get reports and insights in real-time.
  • It is simple for you to manage sales and marketing activities like campaigns.
  • Integrating social media tools offer better visibility across different channels.
  • With Magento + Azure Integrations right modules on your website can save your time and budget.

Why AgentoSupport for Magento Azure Integration?

  • Get expert assistance of your troubles, security needs and specific business solution.
  • Improve the conversion rate and sales for the E-commerce store.
  • Team of dedicated experts having appropriate knowledge of Azure integration.
  • Our team has Magento developers who have experience in POS integration as well.
  • Address technical issues regarding integration on a regular basis.
  • AgentoSupport offers the best Microsoft Azure support service when needed at any stage.
  • Get relevant support for the customizations.
  • Clients will get the best Azure SQL Database pricing in the industry for their E-commerce website.
  • Our developers offer smooth integration of Azure with your Magento E-commerce website.
  • Our technical team lowers the operational costs as well as offer the latest service to end-users.

Industries We Serve

We offer Magento + Azure Integrations to the following industries.

  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Transport

AgentoSupport’s Magento Experts have vast experience with all major aspects of the E-commerce industry and we find the right integrations that keep you ahead of your competitors. At each stage, we manage Azure by choosing the right APIs, third-party components and extensions that fit your business purpose. We also plan out our integration tasks in such a way that your E-commerce website visitors will enjoy amazing shopping experience.