Magento Consulting Services

Stepping into the e-commerce domain requires you to have an impressive online presence in the form of an eye-catching web store. When it comes to building one, Magento is a development platform that you can be sure about. But for a merchant who is new to this industry, there is a need to understand the platform well enough and ensure that you can leverage it to your advantage. Hence, you must look for an experienced consulting partner who can guide you all the way about creating a Magento store from scratch.

Similarly, if you have a store that is already live, you may need to improve its performance, look, and other parameters. Have you ever thought about what else can be done to get maximize the conversion rate with minimizing the customer acquisition cost? Well, these are complex questions that you may not be able to answer yourself. What more, you will need to look for some drastic improvements and implement them to achieve the desired growth for your business and make it more successful.

All in all, the purpose of availing Magento consulting is to get better with your business by fortifying your online store as well as making improvements where needed. Magento Consulting Services by Agento Support are offered by qualified and skilled Magento professionals with rich experience in having delivered successful projects for clients around the world. Our team provides reliable consulting services to solve specific problems with Magento stores as well as guide you about availing the best results for your business.

Consulting services for Magento

Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that has an extensive feature set for creating visually appealing and functionally rich online stores. When building on this platform, a company that knows it well enough and has a rich experience working with it serves as the best choice for your business. You can find both of these from Agento Support. By choosing us, you can access multiple Magento consulting services, including:

  • Magento Design and Development Consulting
  • Magento Technical Consulting
  • Magento Hosting Consulting
  • Magento SEO Consulting
  • Magento Marketing Consulting
  • Magento Integration Consulting
  • Magento Migration Consulting
  • Magento Administration Consulting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting
  • Magento Troubleshooting Consulting
  • Magento Testing and Analytics Review
  • Customer Experience Consulting

Magento Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting refers to a service department that aims to give clients expert advice to resolve their issues effectively. Depending on the problem being faced, a consultant who will assist you in addressing it might be an architect, a developer, or a system administrator. Magento consulting in such a situation could be with development (hands-on coding) or without development (advisory). Magneto Technical Consulting is ideally suited for e-commerce merchants who come across challenges and difficulties related to performance, quality, or timeline improvement.


  • Avail expert review or hands-on development
  • Get the best solution within the shortest timespan
  • Resolve technical issues and get your store back on track

Magento Migration Consulting

Agento Support renders professional consulting for global retail businesses that need to migrate onto the Magento platform or have already done so. Our experts will assist you in all aspects, from SEO assurance to implementation work and development support as well. No matter which version or Enterprise edition of Magento you are migrating to, we are capable of assisting you with seamless migration.

Magento Upgrade Implementation

This Magento consulting service is provided for upgrading the customer’s website to the latest Magento release. It includes creating an upgrade path for accessing Magento 2 development in best practices and taking advantage of the new features and optimizations offered by the version. It is meant for the existing stores that run on the prior version and need to be upgraded.


  • Provide a comprehensive road map for the Magento upgrade path
  • Get access to new functionalities for improving the business

Performance Review

Performance Review is another Magento consulting service that you can avail of at Agento Support. We provide an objective evaluation of the store’s performance and at the same time, we come up with the measures for improving it. The condition of web and database servers can be considered to find an optimal response time for the limited number of users and also to optimize the hardware configurations.

The service is essential for new businesses as it ensures the effective performance of the Magento store before launch. At the same time, it is also helpful for ongoing businesses with live websites that are struggling with performance and require smart steps for issue resolution. The service scope includes load testing and server configuration review.


  • Receive objective feedback that can be used for optimizing your environment
  • Avail reliable load testing for capacity and stress
  • Define the performance challenges for the store

Magento Health Check

This service enables the merchants to get expert advice related to optimizing server configuration and identifying the flaws in key areas of Magento code. The tool serves businesses that look for the optimal performance of their sites either in the pre-launch stage or for boosting their online traffic.


  • Make your website scalable and capable of handling the load
  • Get an in-depth analysis to find the issue
  • Approach the latest technologies to improve performance
  • Get recommendations for speeding up page response times, optimizing queries, and optimizing resource utilization
  • Understand the potential bottlenecks and key vulnerabilities

Magento Code Audits

We also provide comprehensive code audit reports for businesses. Based on the report, you can apply the code fixes as required. We can also assist you in applying these changes as we have ample experience with coding. The developers in our team are skilled and experienced, making them capable of rendering support for complex integrations and custom extensions. Typically, code audit covers the review of the Magento codebase, all third-party extensions, all custom extensions, database performance and issues, and security patches and known vulnerabilities.

SEO Audits

With SEO audits, we check the strategy and ensure that your SEO link profile is as natural as possible. We provide it without following black-hat SEO techniques. Ignoring these techniques means that you may end up losing traffic, potential customers and sales for your site. With SEO Audit service by Agento Support, you can a comprehensive report which includes the:

  • A summary of findings along with priorities
  • A detailed explanation of the findings and suggested solutions
  • A complete review of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Checks of traffic drop against the known algorithm updates
  • On-site markup analysis
  • Crawl and index analysis
  • Speed and performance analysis

Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting

CRO involves aligning different aspects of your Magento website to make it capable of driving maximum conversions. It includes several factors, from improving the organic search listings to modifying the texts of paid ads, optimizing the landing pages, restructuring the design and layout of the website, formulating new strategies, and more. Our Magento consultants can help you in analyzing and identify the bottlenecks that stand in the way of conversions and take relevant actions to address them.

Whether you are launching a new Magento store or want to ensure that the existing one runs seamlessly, professional consulting services can help. The expert consultants at Agento Support offer a complete review of the store along with recommendations for improvements.