Magento eCommerce SEO Services

We are specialists in Magento and eCommerce and focused on maximizing ROI for our clients. The best approach for doing so is with effective Magento eCommerce SEO Services. Till date, we have served diverse eCommerce clients with their very own, unique challenges. However, one thing that they have in common is the desire to experience unlimited growth. We are focused on achieving this desired growth for our clients. We focus on the acquisition of new users to the core category pages of the website. How do we achieve this? Typically, we create tailored strategies for our clients, but we have a rough structure that we work on for all clients. Here is what we do:

Magento E-commerce SEO Optimization

Strategy & Planning

The Project is initiated with SEO Technical Strategy & Planning

  • Identification of opportunities to improve the website’s technical set up. This audit includes the following aspects:
  1. Technical SEO
  2. UX and Mobile
  3. Content
  4. Tags
  5. Website Speed
  6. International
  • Content Strategy:- We undertake a content gap analysis vis-a-vis your key SEO competitors to provide actionable recommendations for closing the keyword gap through relevant content and Magento SEO Extension.
  • Deliverables:
  1. Presentation deck which includes the recommendations and supporting context (we do not give you long word documents which you will probably never read).
  2. The spreadsheet which provides a clear, personalized plan of action, prioritized on the basis of impact and effort and allocated between us, your team and the third-party providers you work with e.g. developers and Magento E-commerce Support.

Ongoing Support

  • SEO Implementation:- Working with your in-house team and/or developers to implement the recommendations we provide on the website. Furthermore, we can implement most of these recommendations using apps and plugins if you are using a robust SEO platform like Magento. If not so, we may recommend a migration based on your requirements and Magento SEO Extension.
  • SEO Monitoring:- E-commerce websites are well acclaimed because of their dynamic nature. However, this dynamic build results in frequent changes that can impact your site’s Magento SEO Optimization. This is the reason that we perform regular audits to ensure that nothing breaks and has a negative impact on performance.
  • Content Writing:- For clients who do not have in-house writers, we provide SEO-friendly content. We have a team of freelancers that we trust to deliver us quality content for our clients on a weekly basis.

The clients may also use us an additional resource besides their in-house resource. While the in-house writers typically focus on branded content such as campaigns and newsletters, we provide the acquisition-focused content for the client.