Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension

Selling online is far more challenging than doing it in brick-and-mortar stores. Right from the time the potential shopper lands at your store to the completion of sales, there is a risk of abandonment. The checkout stage is perhaps the most critical because this is the stage when the customer has a high chance of leaving the cart and the site for good. As a seller, therefore, optimizing the checkout process becomes a necessity to improve the shopping experience and reduce abandonment as well. If you are running a Magento eCommerce store, Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension is a tool you can leverage for this purpose.

As the name suggests, this extension shortens and simplifies the checkout process by reducing its steps. The easily configurable tool, thus, strengthens the core of your business by eliminating the challenges related to abandonment and returning customers once and forever. As a result, you may get a noticeable boost in sales. Here are some reasons that you should invest in Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension for your Magento Store support services.

Magento one step checkout extension

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Online shoppers are pressed for time and prefer to shop from sites that facilitate fast transactions. Integrating Magento One Page Checkout Extension into your store will enhance the user experiences by limiting the efforts of the customer while proceeding from Add to Cart to Place Order.

Furthermore, a simpler checkout process is a parameter that influences the shopper’s trust as well because it indicates your credibility and experience in the online landscape. Since money is involved in online transactions, customers feel more confident when they are able to see the entire details of the transactions on a single page, which is made possible by this extension.

One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension – Faster Speed

Taking the concept of better experiences ahead, the extension renders speed into the shopping journey as it replaces the standard multi-page checkout with a more brilliant single-page checkout. Fewer steps mean that the customer can close the sale faster, which minimizes the risk of losing sales for the store.

People prefer to complete tasks with less effort; this is exactly what this extension lets your customers do. Shopping online becomes as short and simple as one step, without a need to get lost in numerous fields and pages.

More Payment Options

Another reason that you should opt for this extension is that it offers a greater number of payment options for your potential buyers. This is another critical parameter that determines the quality of the shopping experience and the propensity to convert.

They can avail of options such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Cheques, and more. As a seller, you can have some default payment options to ease the process. This makes things easier for first-timers as they will be able to see the default options and choose the one that suits them. Additionally, more payment options enhance flexibility for buyers and sellers.

Fields Management

Managing the fields of the checkout process is significant for creating an optimal shopping journey. This Magento Extension enables the placement of fields in any order within a block. Also, it allows you to create required and optional fields, depending on the need of the store.

Another feature that the extension offers is the ability to rename the fields so that you can use a unique field name for different shop views. This makes it the right fit for multi-language websites. Further, you get the option to add or remove the fields and adjust their sizes as well.

Convenience With Automation

Shoppers tend to get lethargic while filling in all the information on the checkout page manually. The challenge can be resolved by integrating a Magento One Step Checkout with CMSMART feature. This is a Geo IP Technology which facilitates the automatic detection and filling up the location-based data of the user (such as city, zip code, state, and country).

The system can also auto-update the shipping method and rates for the customers on the basis of data specific to them. This means that the customer has fewer fields to fill, which translates into faster and better shopping experiences for them and increased sales for the merchant.

Compatible With Multiple Devices

Since a majority of online shoppers prefer to shop via mobile devices, responsiveness is a factor that you cannot ignore at any cost. Therefore, it becomes essential to have your store’s Magento 2 Checkout Page process optimized for desktop as well as mobile devices.

Installing a One Step Checkout Extension is the best way to do so as it facilitates top-notch experiences irrespective of the device being used to access the store. This gives you an opportunity to connect with buyers across diverse channels and maximize your sales.

Simple And Quick Installation

Besides the functional benefits of this extension, the speed and simplicity of installation is something that makes it stand apart. You need minimal time and effort for deployment because it is tailored to be compatible with any Magento Website and Magento Upgrade Service.

Additionally, it is capable of enhancing the performance of the online store with features like optimization of Magento Robots.txt. With this, the store gets better search rankings online and is visible to a wider audience.

With such extensive benefits, Magento 1 One Page Checkout Extension becomes a good investment for your online store. Those running a store on Magento 2 have to install Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension.