Magento POS Integrations

Our Magento integration with POS helps in the bi-directional exchange of data between physical stores and the Magento based E-commerce store. Manage in-store and online operations as one unified system. This Channel is simple to use, cloud-based that connects a store owner’s existing webstore, to the POS system and back office. This Magento integration streamlines the operations and remove the double entry. In addition to that, it prevents out of stocks, refunds and back-orders. This ultimately improves customer satisfaction and reduces labor costs.

Magento + POS Integrations - Agento Support

We AgentoSupport are trusted by the world’s top POS providers. We offer smooth, secure and out-of-the-box Magento + POS Integrations including, RMS, TallySoft, Retail Pro, Keystroke, VRP, Tally ERP 9 and Yellow Dog.

Benefits of Magento + POS Integrations

  • Remove duplicate and manual data entry

  • Sync in-store POS inventory with Magento E-commerce website

  • Insert POS inventory to Magento with a single click of a mouse

  • Automatically download E-commerce website orders into POS for processing, fulfillment, billing and reporting

  • Smooth deployment in days not weeks

How Magento POS is beneficial for your E-commerce website?

Magento POS enhances the store performance to sell & grow at a rapid pace. If you own an E-commerce website and looking to sell on multiple channels it is the perfect approach.

Speed up Revenue

Magento POS takes less than 5 seconds to process an order. Thus, the store is optimized to perform during peak hours.

Grow Sales

Sync POS integration with E-commerce store and see an amazing difference. The sales will instantly grow with smooth UX and friendly layout.

Easy Monitoring

Do complete monitoring of your store from the backend. No matter how many stores you have, controlling them is always simple.

How does Magento POS work?

We integrate the POS solution directly to your Magento site. Being a store owner, you can access POS from a separate URL. You can also control all POS sales & customer details from website backend just like an extension. POS is simple to integrate, it’ll work straight after installing without any trouble. All information goes to your server only that is advanced security.

How do I know if Magento POS fits my business?

Magento POS is a software solution built for E-commerce merchants. With POS Integration, a store owner can

  • track day-by-day transactions in a fast, simple and effective manner

  • connect online websites and physical stores to offer a seamless shopping experience to customers.

What inventory system can work with Magento POS?

Magento POS can work with default E-commerce inventory in your catalog. Since Magento POS is 100% native, all data of POS will go to the E-commerce website admin automatically. In other words, you can check everything in admin just like any other extension without any further actions.

How many websites to use with single Magento + POS Integrations?

After making a payment, you’ll get a License Certificate comprising a license serial. It is valid for:

  • Even if you have multiple websites & stores with a single Magento back-end, 1 POS license is sufficient.

  • One dev Magento installation.

What platform/web browser does Magento POS work on?

Magestore POS is a web-based solution. It works properly on all platforms/laptops that support web browsers. You can use POS on multiple computers as per your needs. In other words, you can easily scale up with no additional cost when you have more users.
POS integration is highly responsive on the Ipads/tablets, however, the integration with hardware for some iPad version is in the working phase.

Why AgentoSupport for Magento POS Integration?

  • Team of dedicated experts having appropriate knowledge of POS integration.

  • Our developers offer smooth integration of POS with your Magento E-commerce website.

  • Our team includes Magento developers who have experience in SAP integration as well.

  • Address technical errors related to integration on a regular basis.

  • AgentoSupport offers the best POS support service when required at any stage.

  • Get relevant support for the customizations.

  • Clients looking for AWS integration services can contact our team of experts.

  • Get an expert solution of your troubles, security needs and desired business solution.

  • Improve the conversion rate and sales for the E-commerce store.

  • Our technical team reduces operational costs as well as offer timely service to end-users.

Industries We Serve

We offer Magento + POS integrations to the following industries.

  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Fashion
  • Transport

The main idea of Magento POS integration is to keep all information at one location. From there you can simply access and update the orders, purchase, or customer information. It is a perfect technology to save time and cost with a centralized database. Our team of Magento developers are proficient with all the integration work and can address the clients concern with ease..