Magento 2 Speed Optimization

Magento is the most popular CMS in the E-commerce industry. WooCommerce and Shopify are its serious competitors but still, it has features that easily pull users and market experts. Behind the success of Magento lies the complex job of Magento speed optimization. For store owners optimization is a tricky business and it can make or break a business. Users can easily set up a Magento store but to ensure that it runs smoothly is a different matter. Magento optimization has a direct impact on company sales, revenue, and online reputation.

Magento 2 Speed Optimization - Agento Support

With the release of Magento 2, the store owners prefer this platform right out of the box. The features it offers are incredible but still, optimization is very much important. We AgentoSupport are trusted by the world’s top E-commerce brands. We offer smooth, secure, and out-of-the-box Magento 2 performance optimization services to our clients.

Why Magento 2 Website Optimization Is Important?

Website optimization is an important factor that leads your E-commerce website on the top Google rank and boosts your conversion rate. That’s why E-commerce brands focus on website speed. Let’s figure out the benefits of website speed optimization.

  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Improve Customers Experience
  • Boost Sales in the long term
  • Drive Mobile Users
  • Provide end-to-end checkout service

How Can We Help In Magento 2 Optimization Service?

  • With Magento Optimization Service – We help your customers to stay engaged on the website by providing them an appropriate surfing speed.
  • Enrich your customer’s experience while they explore and shop from your website. Just let them feel free and worthwhile with their buying decision.
  • We resolve every possible errors and bug that hamper the website loading speed to increase store performance.

What Techniques Do We follow For Optimization?

1. Server Optimization
Ensuring a dedicated server is assigned with SEO-friendly parameters. Fast responses and quick interactions with load management to make the store faster & effective.

2. Database Optimization
We make sure the best database performance and scalability are offered to improve the website speed. Magento MySQL as being the most powerful database. It is a perfect way to speed up Magento 2 website.

3. Magento Code Optimization
Implementing compressed techniques with CSS, JavaScript, etc. and optimizing page loading speed.

4. Cache Optimization
We enable and tune the caching systems using the admin panel. Website performance, features, and functions largely improved by this approach.

5. Content Optimization
Make sure the content on the website in the form of image, audio, and video is properly optimized. The speed of web page loading can’t be compromised at all as a delay of one second can cause serious loss in business.

6. Removing the Wrong Query
We test SQL queries on product pages and other pages. We fix all coding errors and malpractices to make a website properly optimized.

7. Content Delivery Network
Our development team implements content delivery networks, to serve your user requests from the nearest server. This ends in the fast delivery of content and enhances the website speed to a great extent.

8. Compressed Images
We integrate high-quality images for customer engagement. But before that, we use compressing tools to reduce the image size for improving the website speed & quality.

Why Agento Support for Magento 2 Speed Optimization Service?

  • Get expert guidance on your troubles, security needs, and particular business solution.
  • Improve the conversion rate and sales for the E-commerce store.
  • Team of dedicated experts having appropriate knowledge of Magento speed optimization.
  • Address technical issues regarding speed, content, and performance on a regular basis.
  • Our team has Magento developers who have the experience to tackle different challenges.
  • AgentoSupport offers the best support service when needed at any stage.
  • Get relevant support for the customizations.
  • Clients will get the best pricing in the industry for their E-commerce website.
  • We offer different hiring models as per the client requirements.
  • Our developers integrate the latest tools to improve your Magento E-commerce website.
  • Our technical team lowers the operational costs as well as offer the latest service to end-users.
  • We provide AWS integration service too for the hosting work.

Industries We Serve 

We offer Magento 2 Speed Optimization to the following industries.

  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Transport

Agento Support Magento Experts have the expertise as well as skills to speed up Magento 2 website to ensure no sale goes in vain. Our team has the right development, customization, and integration service as well that keep you ahead of your competitors. At each stage, we choose the right APIs, third-party components and extensions that help to make your E-commerce website high in performance & speed. We also plan out our optimization service in such a way that your E-commerce website visitors will enjoy the perfect shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my Magento speed?

To speed up your Magento site follow below steps:

  • Install the latest Magento version
  • Cache management
  • Page Caching
  • Implement flat catalog
  • Merge CSS and Javascript files
  • Clean Magento Logs and Database
  • Image Optimization
  • Limited modules and extensions

What is Magento marketplace?

Magento Marketplace is the next generation application store offering merchants a platform to select solutions, tools, plugins, and extensions to build an engaging E-commerce website.

How can I make Magento 2 faster?

To make Magento 2 faster follow these steps:

  • Check every 3rd-party extension installed
  • Select the fastest hosting
  • Turn Caching On
  • Enable Production Mode On
  • Avoid Using JS Bundling
  • Enable CSS/JS Minification
  • Use Built-in Cache
  • Skip Varnish