Magento Theme – Development Steps, Advantages, & Selection Criteria to Explore in 2022

September 30, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

Themes play a crucial role & are a core component of an Ecommerce store. To run a successful Magento online selling store, making a smart theme selection is essential. With the right combination of custom templates, designs, navigation, or images, improving the visual appearance of an E-commerce website becomes simple. By default, two Magento themes Luma and Blank are available for integration into an E-commerce website. Luma is a display theme, while Blank is the base of Magento 2 website development.  

magento theme development

Magento 2 has no limitations while implementing the Luma theme for E-commerce store development. But to customize the default design, or building theme from scratch, it is advised not to change the default Luma and Blank theme files. The reason is simple as default files can be overwritten by the Magento 2 latest version upgrades. But it is suggested to invest in Magento 2 theme development Service for improving the overall eStore performance & building as per the business requirement.  

Different Elements of Theme  

When you consult a professional Magento development agency they make sure every element of the theme is properly organized and placed.   

  • Layout – This XML files collection describes the structure of block for multiple pages. It helps to manage the META information and page encoding. Its location is app/design/frontend/your_interface/your_theme/layout/ 
  • Template – It is PHTML files and essential for the PHP tags to build logic for the visual presentation. 
  • Locale – This is a document folder with copies of translated content. 
  • Skins – This comprises block-specific JavaScript, CSS files, and image files to complement XHTML.

Important Steps to Build Magento 2 Theme 

We are going to discuss the key steps followed in Magento 2 theme development. The steps for the development of theme includes: 

  • Firstly, Magento 2 theme folder is created 
  • Name of the theme is declared  
  • Composer package is developed 
  • Register the theme 
  • Create statistic files and folders 
  • Configure the catalog product images 
  • Build & design theme logo 
  • Analyze basic layout elements 
  • Mention layout file types as well as conventions 
  • Files and Folder Structure 

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Advantages of Magento 2 Theme

The Magento theme offers multiple advantages for Ecommerce including: 

  • Make use of jQuery UI. 
  • Provides support for HTML and CSS. 
  • Supports built-in LESS processor.  
  • Makes uploading easy using JS without manual coding. 
  • It manages Magento UI library for the smooth rendering of UI. 

Seeing the above benefits several enterprises are outsourcing Magento 2 development company to build engaging & scalable web portals. 

Key Points to Consider in Selecting Magento 2 Theme  

Before we start, it is important to check if a theme is rightly developed and if any extension can occur.

1. Consult a Developer

To start E-commerce development is the initial step. You should find an experienced Magento 2 theme development agency with relevant experience. Developers have the expertise to work in this field and they know which themes are appropriate to integrate. Developers have experience in multiple theme development and they can recommend which one to select.  

2. Avoid Cheap Theme 

Buying cheap products save money but result in serious concerns in the long run. Same goes with themes, you can buy Magento themes at a very low price. Unfortunately, no support is available with them. Not all cheap themes are useless but most of them, for sure.  

There are other limitations too which are observed during E-commerce development. If you install a cheap theme for online store development the developer need to carry out numerous tasks like testing, debugging, and checking everything. 

3. Analyze User Reviews 

They are useful to select a Magento theme for online store development. Look at critical reviews for the following data: 

  • Bugs appearance 
  • Rate at Bugs are fixed  
  • How quickly the team fix bugs 

Several times negative comments are not shared, but many themes have a negative impact. It is advised to trust the themes with a few negative reviews as well! Nothing is perfect. 

4. Prioritize User Experience

User experience involves functionality as well not just aesthetics. Before making the purchase, make sure the Magento theme is simple to navigate and use. Moreover, consider how your customers will engage with your website. To make sure that your visitors are satisfied, focus on the feedback feature. Not surprisingly, the best themes are the ones that offer both looks and appealing navigation. 

5. Theme’s Customization Options

When selecting a theme, check for customization options. You want to make sure you have proper control over how your website works. Most themes offer customizing, but some offer less than others. If you’re looking for a simple, standard theme, go with one that offers fewer options. 

Magento 2 Theme customization gives you proper control over the colors, and features of your site. More advanced tools add complex functionality comprising drop-down menus and drag-and-drop page builders. 


We have discussed all the essential factors to select a Magento theme. Apart from that elements involved in Magento 2 theme development are discussed in this blog post. We also talked about theme files and folders. It is advised to hire Magento 2 developers to build an outstanding and robust theme for you. AgentoSupport is enjoying the presence of experienced developers in theme development projects. You can avail the expertise for the best outcome with quick turnarounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Magento CMS work?

Magento CMS empowers store owners with better speed and enhanced productivity. Featuring over 50% faster page load speeds across catalog and checkout pages, performance lies at the heart to enhance the customer experience and grow the conversion rates. In addition a secure payment mechanism is offered to the users. 

2. What is the estimated cost of the Magento 2 theme development service?

The exact cost of any project can be provided after analyzing the project’s requirements. Generally, our team first collects the project requirements and later starts the development process. Upon this, we provide clients with the best cost and time frame involved. 

3. What pricing model do you follow for development services?

You can hire Magento 2 developer on an hourly, full-time or part-time basis. We follow different pricing models as per the client’s necessity. 

4. What is your Magento Support policy?

We offer Magento support and maintenance services after the project deployment. You can extend this limited period by opting for the paid services.