Magento Store

The first step for starting an e-commerce business is to have an online store ready. The success of your store greatly depends on the choice of the development platform. Magento, with the entire range of features it offers, emerges as a great choice for new businesses. If you want to have a new Magento store developed, you need an expert partner like AgentoSupport. We have a team of seasoned professionals with rich experience in all the latest versions and editions of Magento.

There are various options in Magento versions and editions that businesses investing in a new Magento store can explore.

New Magento Stores

Magento 2 Community Edition Development And Migration

Magento 2 Community Edition serves as an apt platform for merchants who require full access to the code base and hosting environment. Further, those who need multi-language, multi-store, and B2B capabilities in their Magento stores should also opt for this platform. The advanced features of Magento 2 Community and its customization capability make it a preferred platform for merchants with large catalogs and complex requirements. While new websites visualize a bright future with this version, the existing ones look for migration to avail its extensive benefits.

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Development

Merchants who need multi-language, multi-store, and B2B capabilities can depend on Magento 2 Enterprise Edition. Like Community edition, Magento 2 Enterprise also offers a range of advanced features that make it ideal for merchants running huge e-commerce stores. Our team comprises experts who have complete knowledge and experience with this innovative edition, which makes them capable of rendering quality e-commerce solutions for your business. We make sure that we build outstanding experiences for your customers so that they are enticed to convert.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Development

Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition refers to the Magento 2 Enterprise edition hosted in a cloud solution. As the cloud server is managed by Magento, there is no need to worry about the configuration, performance, security, or other aspects. Choosing this Magento 2 edition has a range of advantages, including consistent availability, scalability, PCI compliance, and automatic patches. Our experience and expertise with this platform make us a perfect choice for developing top-notch Magento stores with the Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition.

Magento Hosting

If you are looking for a dependable hosting solution for your Magento store, we can help. Our Magento servers are fine-tuned for delivering enhanced performance, security, and reliability for your e-commerce store. The hosting services we offer are designed around the specific requirements of your business. You can rest assures that your server is supported by Magento experts, which can give you all the confidence. Our hosting packages guarantee round the clock monitoring and 24/7 Magento support availability.