PWA Vs SPA – Which One is Better for Your Business Success?

January 28, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

There is always room for improvement in the way to digitally showcase your business and its offerings. Creating a mobile app is one of those profitable ways to reach the hands of customers. But with changing trends and scenarios, there lie several challenges. One of common could be making a difference between PWA Vs SPA and deciding on the best factor.

No need to worry, you are not the only one facing the dilemma of either choosing Progressive Web App or Single Page Application for enterprises. Unless you do not know the difference between the two.

And, that’s the reason, we present this blog by showcasing the real-time difference between PWA and SPA. It will help you figure out which one is better for your website and have substantial results ahead.


Table of Contents 

1. Something About PWA

A.1. How Does it Work?

A.2. How to Set Up?

A.3. Key Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for your Enterprise

2. Something About SPA

B.1 How to Set Up

B.2.How Does it Work?

B.3. Key Benefits of Single Page Application for your Enterprise

3. PWA Vs Spa: The Major Difference to Know

C.1. Loading Time:

C.2. From SEO Perspective:

C.3. UX/UI Interface Basis

C.4. Security Reasons:

C.5. Accessibility Factor:

Final Analysis

Something About PWA 

A Progressive Web App or PWA is a modern-day web application that delivers the experience of a native app without downloading the same. A versatile form of application that is compatible with all the browsers and allows users to access the website while experiencing a mobile app-like pleasure.

It is a term coined by Google in the year 2015 and since then there is no looking back. As compared to other web applications, PWA is an advanced form of an app that delivers an interactive, intuitive, and engaging mobile-like experience to customers. Moreover, convert any native app experience into PWA with having the same sort of features like push notifications, customer support, and more.

How to Set Up?

Undoubtedly, progressive web apps have gained a tremendous deal of popularity in a matter of a short time only. Simply add PWA on any website and accessible on all browsers to a mobile device screen and offers a great deal of user experience. Also, for setting up the same, Magento 2 development for PWA helps in creating a feature-rich application in less time & at a low cost. 

How Does It Work? 

As already mentioned, PWAs are here to deliver a mobile app-like experience and its working scenario is based on the following inputs.

  • Progressive: The application uses a progressive enhancement principle allowing users to access the same on any browser they like. Just copy the link of PWA and browse the same.
  • Web: Such applications are written in web pages languages like HTML, Java, and CSS.
  • App: As a mobile application, it offers an intuitive user interface, easy navigational flow, and more. 

Key Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for your Enterprise

* It works as an application but appears like a website or webpage, with no need to download the same.

* No investment required in Software Development Kit (SDK).

* Fast and operative applications that deliver robust performance and enhanced user experience.

* It offers the ability to send push notifications like that of a mobile app.

* Works offline to showcase order history or any critical information. 

Something About SPA

SPA or the single page application is not something new but long-standing app concept which is around for more than a decade. SPA means the single-page web-accessible application that offers the dynamic set of content for a particular service, offer, and brand introduction. The content of the page is loaded in and out, with no such feature to scroll through other pages.

How to Set Up?

Setting up SPA requires a JavaScript framework including the major ones Angular, React, and Vue. Also, setting up the single-page application is much simple as compared to others apps due to having only one-page loading and featuring adding approach. 

How Does it Work? 

In terms of single page application working process, the whole software code is loaded at once and lets users see complete content. It is based on the allowance of HTML 5 to store all the user activity data in the browser cache. 

Key Benefits of Single Page Application for your Enterprise 

* Fast loading of the single page application with having dynamic features and small separated sections on the same.

* Works offline to showcase all the information on a single page only.

* The frontend and backend of the web application are tightly connected. 

PWA Vs Spa: The Major Difference to Know 

Now, we come to the point of differentiating PWA Vs SPA, based on several factors. After the same, you will have the clarity to choose between the two and then hire Magento developer for your application project. 

  1. Loading Time: There is a big difference between PWA and SPA in terms of loading and re-loading speed. While PWA takes just 1 second to load the application on the web, SPA takes around 10 seconds. Also, 1 second is the reloading time of PWA and SPA takes 5-10 seconds respectively. For this scenario, it is clear that PWA has a loading speed advantage over SPA.
  2. From SEO Perspective: SPA uses AJAX to load content and its search bot gets the DOM element without loading the content. That being said, SEO does not work effectively on single-page applications. On the other side, SEO in PWA works with server-side rendering, while allowing Google to crawl the pages and rank the application. Thus, you can expect better online performance and enhanced traffic on the progressive web application.
  3. UX/UI Interface Basis: In terms of user experience, both PWA and SPA offer their own set of appeals. While PWA allows users to interact with different pages of the application on the web. A single page application has only one frame to catch the user’s attention.
  4. Security Reasons: Since SPA runs on JavaScript, then it is not a secured option because of the common attacks and hacking changes. Whereas, PWA is much more secured than SPA in terms of advanced security protocols.
  5. Accessibility Factor: Again, progressive web applications leave behind SPA in terms of easy accessibility over all the pages, even in offline mode. 

Final Analysis 

From the above-mentioned analysis, it is clearly evident that PWA stands above SPA in terms of features, UX, Speed, SEO, and several other factors. Undoubtedly, developing a progressive web application is beneficial for your business to stay ahead of the competition. Thus, avail Magento 2 PWA development services from AgentoSupport to create a robust, fast-operative, and intuitive web application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a PWA Framework? 

Progressive Web Application framework is the resultant action of developing web pages that act like mobile apps and run even on smartphones while giving a hybrid application experience.

Q. Which Companies Use PWA?

There are innumerable brands across the globe that rely on PWA to catch users’ attention at a glance. It includes renowned names like The Financial Times. Starbucks, Pinterest, Twitter, Forbes, Trivago, and more.

Q. What is the Future of PWA?

It is considered the future of multi-platform development due to the fact that the cross-platform application runs extensively on mobile browsers without any need to install the same.