Server Maintenance Services

If you are running an online store, you would obviously be aware of the significance of a server. Since server makes the core of the online business, you cannot afford to face trouble with it. The reason is that all the key elements of the website are saved on the server device. Therefore, proper working of it is a vital part of the business. Sometimes technical issues like Bad Gateway error, slow speed, bugs, and security breaches with the server are experienced. To deal with such technical errors, backup support is required for the better working of an eCommerce store. Our experienced team will ensure your server stays flawless, updated as well as smooth in performance.

Let us understand how AgentoSupport can help with perfect Server Maintenance Services.

Server Maintenance Services

Key challenges experienced with Server

  • 400- Bad Request
  • 401- Authorization Required
  • 403- Forbidden Error Page
  • 404- Page Not Found
  • 408- Request Time Out
  • 500- Internal Server Error
  • 502- Bad Gateway
  • 503- Service Temporary Unavailable
  • 504- Gateway Time-Out
  • Daily backups/live backups
  • Strong firewalls
  • Applying OS updates
  • Security Breaches
  • Server security plan

Why AgentoSupport is best for Server Maintenance Services?

1. CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Our experts are trained, savvy and offer flawless CDN services. This helps in delivering web content to end users on multiple parameters like geographic locations, the origin of the webpage, and the content delivery server.


To ensure remote access servers easily communicate with a central server and authorize their access RADIUS protocol is used. Our team of experts integrates it to boost the overall speed of the server and make fast processing of end-user requests.

3. Speed Optimization Service

The slow performance of the server leads to the high loading time of the website. Our expert support team ensures no speed issue comes with your server device.

  • Full Page Caching
  • Merge & Minify CSS, JS Files
  • Avoid JavaScript bundling
  • Perform 3rd-party Plugins Audit
  • Optimize TTFB

4. Memcached

Our experts offer Memcached servers to speed up page load time and handle a large number of requests easily without any interruptions. They are widely used for e-commerce websites across the internet.

5. Varnish

Our experts will integrate Varnish that can increase the speed of a website while simultaneously reducing the load on the server device.

6. Apache Solr

Apache Solr service is offered to the clients so that they can index and search multiple sites as well as can get recommendations for related content based on their search query.

7. Backup Services

Backup is important to deal with situations of the website content, customer data, sales, inventory, and financial records data loss. Our experts provide a backup service to meets your requirements. Backups are stored remotely on separate servers apart from the existing servers. This way, if a server goes down, backups are still accessible.

8. No Downtime

It is quite frustrating to have a website that regularly goes offline. This makes a bad impression as well as affects the search engine ranking leading to a loss in business. This usually happens when a website server is old and requires maintenance. Our team offers dedicated server maintenance services to ensure no downtime is experienced by any visitor.

9. 24/7 Magento Support

An online store is open 24/7 and if anything goes wrong, at any time, technical support is very much necessary to help you sort it out. With technical support, our experts can help to fix your server problems. Remember the moment your website goes down, you lose customers, so it is essential to have proper support. No matter what is the configuration, make and specification of your server device, 24/7 support is offered, particularly if you run complex operations.

You’ve got some great tips regarding the troubles with the server device. Tell us if you found it reliable in the comments section.