Simple Process to Optimize Magento Site for Voice Search to Increase Sales

May 5, 2021 | Author: Alex Clark

The trend of online shopping is on a rising stir these days. With much of the contribution from the top eCommerce platform Magento and its incredible suite of features. Out of many Voice Search is the prominent one making headlines all the way around. The feature itself is gaining momentum at a fast pace with investment rising to $40 billion in 2022 with about 100 million voice searches daily. So, now is the time to optimize Magento site for voice search, otherwise, you end up losing something big. 

A specialized feature of using voice commands by customers and merchants to search for products before typing in anything. It is for everyone to experience a seamless and smooth shopping experience.

Now, with the debut of the Magento 2 platform having all the premium and advanced features. Optimizing the platform with a voice search feature ensures a remarkable shopping experience. Even eCommerce merchants can see smooth Magento 2 migration as an easy transition and further optimize it with a much-needed voice search feature.

Why Should you Optimize Magento Site for Voice Search? 

Optimize Magento Site for Voice Search

Now, you know about the convenience that voice search offers to a Magento or any other website. The question is why it is necessary? Well, to answer this, first let’s understand why customers look forward to voice-enabled search.

#Reason 1: Wide Accessibility

Concerning the accessibility of the Magento 2 eCommerce store, voice search is the clear winner owing to different users.

  • Voice search brings easy accessibility to people having physical disabilities, learning impairment, and cognitive disabilities.
  • Even users who cannot use the keypad of the smartphone can make the most out of the voice search feature. 

#Reason 2: Speedy Way of Searching

It is an obvious reason that voice command is much faster as compared to the type-in search pattern. Users can simply take the name of a particular product, search it, and find it without any hassle. 

#Reason 3: Maximum Convenience 

The voice-enabled feature of the Magento 2 eCommerce website is meant for all types of users available anytime and anywhere. It gives the convenience of searching for products while on the go.

On top of that, smart speakers equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology further helps users to find the past history and previously buying products.

#Reason 4: Enhanced Shopping Experience

Voice search directly impacts the sales of your Magento 2 online store because of the fact that 30% of the total search is done using voice search. And, the percentage is expected to reach 55%.

On the other side, 36% of people have smart speaker devices at home like Alexa or Google Home. So, the rate of voice search will automatically go high. As a result, it helps to improve the buying experience of shoppers to an extensive rate, and the outcome will be an increased set of sales. Customers can complete each step including verbally searching for the product, comparing, adding to the cart, and the final payment in a short time. 

Useful Tips to Optimize Magento 2 Website for Voice-Enabled Search 

Optimize Magento Site for voice search as quickly as possible by referring to the following few useful tips.

1. Magento 2 Mobile App Optimization 

Smartphones and portable devices have become the ultimate mediums to increase eCommerce sales by giving convenience to all. In 2020, more than 20% of smartphone users accessed voice-search to buy products on eCommerce apps. On top of that, around 25% of the voice search were carried out on Android devices. It is imperative to do a Magento SEO audit and understand the fact that mobile-friendly searches have an extended rate as compared to the website. So, it is necessary for you to fully optimize the Magento mobile app-enabled with a voice-search feature for maximum traction and engagement. 

2. Improve Page Loading Speed

The loading speed of the website and mobile app matters a lot in terms of maintaining the user base. It is a well-known fact that the majority of users leave a website if a page is loaded in more than 3 seconds. And, especially connected to the voice, it might take some more time. So, it is essential for you to first check page loading speed on different devices and then fix up the same using the below-mentioned altercations.

  • URL
  • Resize images
  • Optimize cache
  • Avoid redirect or inline CSS/JS files

    3. Aim for Long Tail Keywords 

If you know Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm, then you would have an idea of using long-tail keywords. In case not aware of it, then let us explain here. According to the algorithm, the Search Engine Page Results (SERP) give much preference to the natural language of search terms and provide the desired results.  As per this update, it is all about enhancing online interactions, rather than using strict keywords.

So, when it comes to voice search, best recommended is to use a natural tone of words including question-based words like why, how, what, where, or when. It is necessary to give more search relevancy to the voice-enabled feature and improve customer experience. 

4. Google Zero Position Block 

Many of you might have no idea what Google zero position is?

Well, Google rates a particular answer on SERP as the number one or most valuable one for a voice hunt. And, every single company wants their answer to be in the top-rated position.

And, the block was devices so that users can get easy access to that relevant answer without needing to take extra steps.

There a couple of tips to take zero position block for your voice-enabled search in the following manner.

  • Write short and relevant answers in bullet points.
  • Include the main target keyword in your answer.
  • Target the info keywords that have featured snippets blocks.

    5. Stay Focus on Local Searches

The last and another useful tip to optimize Magento for voice search is to focus on local searches.

In reality, most mobile searches are conducted using location-specific areas. It is because customers want to search for products/services in their local area of house, workplace, or visiting. Therefore, it is important to formulate a localized SEO strategy using your business regional requirement.

Follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • First, verify your locations and keep hours of operation updated.
  • Next is to respond to every single review posted by customers and create an interaction with them.
  • Take quality pictures of your store and post the same. They are being visible on local searches for customers to have a better idea of your store location.

You can focus on all the above key areas to optimize your local search pattern. 

Final Thoughts 

The eCommerce industry is rapidly advancing towards technical improvements. Voice search is not a new yet profitable phenomenon for an online retail store to improve search patterns, user experience, and increase overall sales. Get to know to optimize your Magento 2 store with voice search and its overall impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magento 2? 

Magento 2 is an updated version of a popular eCommerce platform. It is endowed with advanced features, a user-friendly dashboard, and several extensions to add for attaining maximum functionality.

Is it Possible to Migrate to Magento 2 from Magento 1?

Yes, you can swiftly migrate to Magento 2 using the expertise of a skilled and professional Magento developer. Simply share your requirement of migration and let the work be done in the shortest possible time.

Do I Need to Hire a  Full-Time Magento 2 Developer for Migration? 

No, it’s not mandatory to hire a full-time Magento 2 developer for migrating your eCommerce platform. It all depends on the work that lets you hire a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis developer.