Tips For Magento eCommerce SEO Success

March 8, 2019 | Author: James Griffin

E-commerce selling is a challenging space as you have to struggle to be visible in the crowd of competitors who offer products and services that are similar to the ones you sell. So it all boils down to being able to connect with the customer and fetch them to your store. You can have a great-looking store by investing in Magento e-commerce but this is just the beginning as you need to optimize it from the SEO perspective as well. Unless the store is SEO-friendly, it will neither come in ranking nor be able to fetch traffic.

Tips For Magento E-commerce SEO Success

Your product pages from the critical element of the selling equation and these need to be optimized to make your business a success. Experts Magento marketers can assist you to create a business-centric Magento website with fully optimized product pages. Still, you should be aware of all that needs to be done. Here are a few tips and facts that you need to understand about Magento e-commerce SEO success.

Create a buyer persona

Before you start working on your Magento store, invest in extensive research of your market and target audience to build a buyer persona. This is important because optimizing product pages go beyond keywords; rather it pertains to an understanding of your target audience and creating pages to match their expectations. It will enable you to generate appealing content that has the potential to drive conversions.

Conduct keyword research

The next step to optimize the product pages would be to have the right keywords on them. You need to conduct thorough market research to discover the short-tail and long-tail keywords that are capable of getting your pages into a ranking. Identification of these keywords is crucial because you need to have them included within the content of the page as a part of the SEO strategy.

Follow SEO best practices

While having compelling, keyword-rich content on the pages of your Magento e-commerce store is important, you need to follow certain SEO best practices to ensure that you get the page on top rankings. These include the following:

  • Include the primary keyword in the title tag and meta description of the page, while ensuring that they are written in an engaging manner so that the users are inclined to click.
  • Leverage internal linking to encourage the users to navigate the website because the longer they stay on the site, the better is the impact on your SEO ranking. Further, this increases the chances of conversion as well.
  • Include descriptive headers as well as empower your page with content that is original, informative, and valuable. Also, ensure that the relevant keywords are placed naturally within it.
  • Rich snippets are also important as they help search engines to understand the information on the web page. They can play a key role in propelling the search rankings of the page.
  • Another SEO best practice that you must follow is to have optimized image ALT texts to describe the images used in the page.

Add images and video

The next tip to achieve SEO results for your Magento store is by having images and videos included in the product pages. This is because e-commerce buyers greatly depend on visual media to judge the products. Not only can they influence buying decisions but also engage the customers to increase the time spent on the store, which automatically boosts your ranking.

Optimize Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Optimization of CTAs is another key factor for the success of your Magento e-commerce store from the SEO perspective. A compelling CTA has the potential to make the user click and complete the checkout process. Optimizing it means making it conversion-focused to the extent of driving specific actions from the users.

Test performance

SEO success is not just about having all the parameters in place and then forgetting about them. It is a continued effort, something that has to be monitored and tweaked with changing requirements and circumstances. Keep an eye on the store’s performance through Google Analytics and study the competitors as well. Make changes in content and target keywords whenever needed.


Apparently, a lot needs to be done to attain tangible and sustainable results with the SEO strategy for your Magento store. Availing expert assistance to handle these aspects is a must because only professional Magento experts can handle them properly.