Top 10 Benefits of PSD to Magento Conversion for Your eCommerce Website

October 7, 2020 | Author: Ashley Brown

With competition in online commerce skyrocketing, businesses are looking for innovative ways to woo consumers. User experience is at the top of the successful retailers’ priority list. If you are still running a PSD website for eCommerce, it is high time you move to a better platform. The pandemic has transformed digital commerce into the mainstream marketplace around the world. Magento has emerged as one of the most popular choices among businesses for moving their eCommerce. And the demand for PSD to Magento 2 theme development is growing steadily. This trend is expanding for reasons. Merchants are reaping significant benefits from Magento-based online stores.

PSD to Magento conversion

Developers prefer Magento templates to build feature-rich eCommerce solutions. Magento templates have unmatched browser compatibility, SEO-friendliness, and an incredibly attractive design, among other key features. If you are considering Magento theme development for your website, your online commerce will benefit from all these. To convert your PSD website into Magento, you would need help from a professional eCommerce developer. Most companies today offer PSD to Magento conversion without losing any data. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the most important benefits of shifting your website to Magento.

Benefits of PSD to Magento Conversion

PSD file formats usually have multiple layers. They are complex.  With the right PSD to Magento conversion approach, you can create a stunning online store that attracts customers. Here are the benefits you get with Magento eCommerce development based on your PSD site.

User-friendly shopping experiences

Magento websites are incredibly responsive and mobile-friendly, something a PSD website can never offer. Better compatibility means superior user experience experiences across devices. This helps you increase conversion rates and attract more customers.

Browser compatibility

With its unmatched compatibility across all major browsers, Magento ensures a consistent experience for every website visitor. No matter what browser your customers use, they will have the same first-rate online shopping experience. Besides, with an array of Magento extension development capabilities, you can further enhance the user experience.

Higher SEO Ranking

Search engine ranks play the most critical role when it comes to the visibility of your online store. Magento’s architecture is built to ensure higher SEO ranks. With a best-in-class CMS and other core elements, Magento provides a robust foundation for SEO-friendly eCommerce websites. With the right approach to PSD to Magento 2 theme development and other aspects of the conversion, your site will achieve the desired SEO rank.

Clean and easy code

PSD to Magento conversion ensures clean HTML and CSS code that help improve the performance and functionality of your site. Better code also enables on-page optimization, a key element of an active eCommerce page. Magento’s core code is also easy to learn and customize for developers. The platform enables developers to upload images and multimedia files according to their design needs.

Faster websites

Magento 2, the latest version of the eCommerce platform, is around 20% faster than its predecessor. Even Magento 1 is much faster than several other platforms. This means the pages on your eCommerce site will load faster on Magento than on a PSD website. Magento websites are also better at handling multiple catalogs without slowing down or crashing. So, you can scale your site as your business grows with time.

Limitless customization

Customization is the most defining factor in the experience design journey. With Magento 2, eCommerce website developers can build a fully personalized solution per your specific needs. Additionally, Magento offers a wide range of extensions available on the Magento Marketplace. Choose extensions according to changing needs and enhance your store’s capabilities.

Enticing look and feel

By using Magento theme development, you can create a design for your website that stands out from the crowd. Magento offers better code and design capabilities that dramatically enhances the look and user experience on your site. This means you can create an effective first impression on prospective buyers.

Mobile-optimized design

Magento 2 features the Progressive Web Application Studio that makes your website incredibly mobile-friendly. The platform comes with responsively designed themes. Besides, it has mobile-friendly checkout and other features that attract users visiting your website from a mobile device. Magento 2 allows you to target a large group of smartphone users and convert them into paying customers.

Futuristic online commerce

Building your online store on Magento 2 means utilizing the most advanced eCommerce capabilities. The Magento framework relies on the most evolved web technologies like LAMP stack – Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, and PHP, among others. Also, newly added features like PWA capabilities prepare you for a more tech-driven future of eCommerce.

Fast checkout, secure payment processing

Magento offers a completely streamlined payment processing, both on desktop and mobile devices. The latest version has a simple 2-step checkout and instant purchasing options. You can also allow the customer to save their payment credentials for future purchasing. Since security has been a concern across the market, Magneto’s secure payment channels give you a notable advantage.

Wrapping up

In this increasingly competitive arena of eCommerce, every business owner wants to use the best of technology. Magento 2 offers capabilities that make your online store robust, secure, and design rich. With PSD to Magento conversion, you can achieve business goals that otherwise seem overwhelmingly uphill. Magento has helped hundreds of thousands of online retailers quickly increase revenue and profit. The platform also helps you build a much-needed base of loyal customers.

At Agento Support, we use a suite of highly evolved Magento eCommerce development tools and technologies to build first-rate solutions. Be it moving your existing site to Magento or building an online store from the ground up, we are here to help through your online commerce journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magento eCommerce?

Magento is a PHP-based eCommerce development platform. It provides online merchants with a flexible online store, and great control over the look, content, and functionality. Magento is widely used by medium enterprises and large companies worldwide.

How much does it cost to develop a Magento eCommerce website?

The costs of building an eCommerce website vary widely, depending on your needs. If you need a simple online store with basic features and storefront, costs are comparatively lower. Agento Support offers reliable eCommerce development at a competitive price.

What do you mean by m-Commerce?

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of products and services through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. M-commerce relies on mobile apps, or eCommerce apps, using which customers can search, order, and track products, among other things. We build design-rich m-Commerce apps for all kinds of businesses.