Top 9 Magento Blogs of 2021 That Will Enhance Your eCommerce

January 4, 2022 | Author: Ashley Brown

Ecommerce is complicated, but we all know that. What we don’t realize is – sometimes we make it complicated with our ignorance. Magento, as an eCommerce platform, is quite straightforward, but at times it can overwhelm the people new to this platform. So, where to seek help when you feel stuck in the Magento development process? To overcome such situations, we have curated the best Magento blogs of 2021 that helped Magento developers resolve Magento-related queries this year.

Best Magento Blogs-AgentoSupport

Did you know? According to the survey, Magento was one of the three platforms that merchants migrated to the most in 2021, while only small business store merchants chose other eCommerce platforms. Also, Magento has been listed as 1 of 10 leading eCommerce platforms for 2021 worldwide. If you are wondering whether migrating to Magento for an eCommerce business is a wise decision or not, we encourage you to read these blogs and decide for yourself.

Best Magento Blogs of 2021

Blog #1: Magento vs SAP hybris – Which eCommerce platform is best suited for your business

Magento vs SAP Hybris

Magento is the most widely used B2B and B2C online eCommerce platform. But SAP Hybris has some outstanding features than Magento. Again, attributes like cost and scalability make Magento the most-sought choice of the year. Read more Magento vs SAP to find out which eCommerce platform is best suited for your business.

Blog #2: What is USPS address validation and how does it matter?

USPS and UPS Address Validation

The user address is one of the most key fields of the checkout process for any Magento store. An invalid address denotes that it either doesn’t exist or is not synced with the official postal service. Check out how USPS address validation improves your user’s shopping experience in the store.

Blog #3: Learning Magento 2 from scratch- Tips for Beginners

Learning Magento 2 from Scratch - Tutorial for Beginners

In this blog, we have discussed what Magento is and how learning Magento 2 development can help business owners boost their revenue and open more career opportunities for students and tech enthusiasts. We have also curated the tips and tricks to learn Magento 2 from scratch without any coding skills.

Blog #4: 9 Best Rich Snippets And Magento 2 Schema for your Magento 2 Store

9 Best Rich Snippets And Magento 2 Schema for Your Magento 2 Store

What are Rich Snippets? What is the importance of Rich Snippets and Magento 2 Schema for eCommerce stores? What are the best eCommerce-specific Rich Snippets for Magento 2 store? Read this blog to get in-depth insights on Rich Snippets and how to test, fix, and Audit Google Rich Snippets.

Blog #5: Top eCommerce Trends for 2021 – A Glimpse of the Future of Ecommerce

Top eCommerce Trends for 2021

Ecommerce is evolving and will grow remarkably in the foreseeable future. However, the eCommerce trends won’t do anything good unless these trends get analyzed and adopted. In this blog, we have enlisted the top eCommerce trends of 2021 and how it helps meet business needs and visions. Read further to find out how these trends help tweak your online strategy and keep up your store with ever-evolving consumer demands.

Blog #6: Magento 2 Payment Gateway Integration

Magento 2 payment gateway

The payment gateway connects the seller account with the bank account for processing the payment on the online store. In this blog, our Magento 2 support agency has discussed the importance of Magento payment gateway integration, its features, and various gateway integration services for Magento 2. Read more

Blog #7: Magento 2 ERP Integration

magento erp

This blog sheds some light on why Magento 2 ERP integration is an ideal choice for online business and what factors determine the selection of Magento 2 ERP solutions. If you are planning to integrate ERP solutions in your eCommerce store to improve user experience, site efficiency, and business revenue, this blog has all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Blog #8: Magento Azure Integrations

Magento + Azure Integrations

User experience is the top-most priority of every Magento store owner. Therefore, most of the business merchants choose Magento Azure integrations to offer top-rated services. If you are new to the terms like Microsoft Azure, Magento Azure integrations, and SQL server database, this blog is just what you need.

Blog #9: How to install the Magento Security Patches SUPEE 11219 and SUPEE 11314

Install the Magento Security Patches SUPEE 11219 & SUPEE 11314

The Magento eCommerce platform releases security updates on a regular basis. In this blog, we have discussed the Magento security patches and how to install these patches SUPEE 11219 and SUPEE 11314. If you own a Magento store and security is your prime concern, installing these patches is crucial for the site’s optimum performance and user safety.


The above-mentioned are the top-rated Magento blogs of 2021. If your goal was to start a Magento eCommerce store of your own business, we hope this list helped you achieve it. Also, if you are new to Magento and seek professional guidance on where to start, hire Magento 2 developers from our well-versed team to find out how we can help.