What is USPS address validation and how it matters?

August 8, 2021 | Author: Camila Harris

One of the key fields of the checkout process for a Magento Store is the address of the user. When the user enters the delivery address in the field, it needs to be validated to ensure that the order is genuine. Address validation refers to the process of checking the mailing address entered by the user against an authoritative database to check its validity. If it matches one in the official database, the address is said to be validated. Conversely, addresses that do not have a match in the database are marked as invalid.

An invalid address indicates that it either does not exist or is not registered with the official postal service. If the address comes up as invalid, the customer is given an address suggestion that is known to shipping carriers. Further, the customer can go on and confirm if the address suggested is correct or they still want to use the one they have given. In this way, this functionality is essential for improving the shopping experience in the store. USPS is the authoritative address database for an address in the US and Magento stores that sell here need to have a USPS address validation feature. Apart from that, the customer’s shipping address is validated at the checkout phase with shipping carriers like USPS & UPS Address Verification.

USPS and UPS Address Validation

Root Cause of Bad Address Data

Human errors are common, however, are not the only reason for helpless address quality. Apart from the difficulties of catching the exact data for UPS Address Verification, there are a lot more underlying drivers, for example,

Data set Decay:

As per the Census Bureau, a common American will move 11.7 times in their lives. As lodging turns out to be more costly and as Americans attempt to discover appropriate regions to live in, this number will get higher. Of these, just 60% of movers advise the Usps Address Validation regarding their move in an ideal way.

Organizations, in this way, are left with address data that isn’t refreshed. In case they are conveying 1,000,000 bills or special mailers a month, they may get 90,000 move notices around the same time. More regrettable, as indicated by this rate, 60,000 of those million clients won’t have given the right data to the USPS on time.

Expecting that similar clients are still with the association, the organization should continue to refresh its data set and guarantee that it has the latest address to use.

Poor Data Culture:

It’s as of late that organizations are beginning the discussion on being data-driven – yet that is limited to the executive decision. The representative at his/her work area is unconscious at the level of data quality issues he/she is managing. Besides, there are no business rules to cling to data quality. There is no preparation or training for representatives to be data-driven and there’s positively no interest in information management tools to overcome this situation.

Merger and Acquisitions:

At the point when organizations relocate information during mergers and acquisitions, the probability of data errors increases. These mergers happen quickly and issues are in some cases unexpected. There is mounting pressure for consolidation, yet no check and equilibrium for UPS Address Verification, there is only sometimes a quality administration structure set up.

UPS Address Validation

Address validation is a complicated process as a great deal of preparation is needed before initiating the validation process. Here is what happens in a typical validation process. Before being accredited as UPS address verification, an address has to undergo parsing and standardization.

  • Parsing, as the name suggests, refers to breaking down an address into the city, state, and ZIP Code.
  • Standardization means formatting a mailing address to match it with the standard address format as given by the governing postal authority. It is done only after the address is parsed properly. The process includes several things like correcting misspelled words, abbreviating notations as per the official database formats, and filling in gaps in the data.
  • After formatting, the address is validated finding its twin in the official database. It is considered as only if there is an exact match.

When real addresses may not be valid ones?

The fact that an ups address validation does not work is not an indication that it is not real. There could be other reasons that it might be listed as invalid. Some of these may be:

  • Incorrect address that is entered with wrong spelling, format, or information.
  • Imaginary or fake address that does not exist at all or exists no longer.
  • Unoccupied address where no one resides and there is no one to receive mail.
  • An unregistered address that is not registered yet with the USPS.

How to empower your Magento store with USPS address validation?

To empower your Magento store with this functionality, you need to integrate the USPS Address Validation extension into it. When a customer enters the shipping address during checkout, this extension shares the address with USPS to confirm whether it is recognized as a part of their database. If it fails to match, a suggested address known to USPS will be displayed in a pop-up.

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Where is the validation code USPS?

The validation code can be found on the letter you received in the mail.

How do I register my address with USPS?

  • Call the phone number mentioned at the Customer Service website of the USPS.
  • When “Change of Address” is prompted follow the steps regarding what you want.
  • Enter valid credit card details when prompted, and respond to the remaining questions to complete the address registration.

How do I change the delivery address for USPS?

To avail of the high-quality service, always use USPS.com to modify the Address details. You can make changes within the address at a faster process by notifying everyone who sends mail of your new address before you move.

Benefits of ups address validation

Decreased Returned Mail

By approving that an address right before conveys a mailing, associations will decrease the measure of undeliverable mail that is returned. Contingent upon the size and recurrence of mailings, this approval can prompt huge investment funds for associations.

Better Quality of Address Data

After validating an address, it is added into your data set and afterward utilizing a list preparing to consistently spotless, check, and update the address rundown will assist associations with accomplishing critical upgrades in address data quality.

Better Communication with Customers

Associations rely upon viable correspondence with clients to endure. Utilizing administrations that confirm and normalize the clients’ tends will work on your capacity to speak with clients using postal mail that might have been lost. Associations that utilize address verification can speak with clients through mail quicker and less expensive than associations that don’t utilize these administrations.

Decreased Mailing Costs

Many address normalization administrations will furnish associations with ZIP codes and USPS tags to empower them to fit the bill for limits on mailings. Other postal administrations, like Canada Post, additionally offer comparative limits for qualified mailings.

Increased Delivery Speed

By giving the USPS addresses in a standardized design and including data like ZIP codes, the mail center expresses that organizations can increase the delivery speed of their mail by one to two days.

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